Friday, February 4, 2011

DAA(Designers Against AIDS)

Hey everybody!
I do not know how many of you are aware of DAA(Designers Against AIDS), a non-profit organisation that is based in Belgium but works all over the world for an important cause that is awareness about AIDS. What sets them apart? They spread awareness about AIDS through the medium of fashion, pop culture, art, music and that too all over the world. The work of DAA is well known all over the fashion industry. (I was slightly abashed when I heard from them and I realised I hadn't known about them) They have been covered by about all fashion magazines, from Vogue Paris to Elle to Marie Claire and most importantly, the work they do is life changing..very literally. Their idea is very simple. Use fashion as a medium to reach young people, get AIDS awareness in the media so that youngsters maybe able to protect themselves and their partners. As one of their major ongoing projects, they have decided to release a book on the subject titled 'Designers Against Aids-The First Decade'. And I'm very happy to tell you all that they have received ample amount of support from Marc Jacobs on this venture and he will be selling this book at his stores in the US so go ahead and buy your copy today. If you're not in the US, you can check out their website and order it online HERE.
The book is a story of all their campaigns and all the international biggies that have contributed to spreading this elementary message. The idea behind the book and all their campaigns, including the one with H&M is to show how beautiful life is(through means of fashion, pop culture, beauty, art) and hence make people realise why they should make a conscious effort of practicing safe sex and spreading awareness about AIDS.

You can join in too. Check the website, buy the book or simply talk about this blog post on facebook, twitter..or better still..tweet about it.
Its important that we join hands when it comes to such worthwhile causes.
Much love and awareness!


  1. Very Interesting!Thanks for the info dope on DAA :)

  2. Thank you for the nice article! People can find more info about our work on
    By the way, a lot of our own DAA T-shirts are made in India by Sense Organics, in a Fair Trade community. Beautifully made, lots of details- and certified organic cotton!
    Kindest regards
    Founder/creative director DAA

  3. Great Article :)
    It was a very interesting read.

  4. Wow.....the DAA sounds takes a lot to work on such noble causes.....will be glad to be able to be a part of it! Thanx for sharing...

  5. really awesome read, and different from the others



  6. This is a really good cause. Thanks for spreading the word.

  7. this is a really great idea. thanks for sharing it.

  8. thank you so much for sharing about the DAA. i'm really glad that you informed me about this!



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