Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Inspirations

My apologies if my inspirations are repetitive but there is not a better pick-me-up than images of luscious cupcakes. And if the cupcake belong to the cupcake bakery in Aus land, then they're sure to make you drool!
FYI ladies, if you happen to be in Sydney or Melbourne, this one's for you, cupcake bakery cucpcakes can now be ordered online. YEaaaaaaaaaHHHH babaaaaaay. Right HERE. All images belong to
Strawberry Hearts

Red Velvet I Love You

Strawberry cheesecake

Rocky Road

Red Velvet

Choc peppermint

Chilli choc

Valentines Heart Choc Maxi

Vanilla Choc Maxi

Vanilla Vanilla Maxi

Choc choc Hearts
Which ones are you hearting this Valentines? I have my heart set on the Valentines Heart Choc MAXI(Ok, too many puns there). Only a Maxi will satiate my ravenous appetite for cupcakes.
Have a gorgeous Saturday, my cupcakes! :)


  1. they look yummy!
    xoxo Sienna

  2. High dose of fashion in Christ, Shreya :)
    I love reading your blog, very we :)
    Good luck notable newbie :)

    And seriously..those cupcakes can be send to India..?!?
    I lust them :D

    Take care

  3. Sydneyyyyy here i come!!!!!!
    Am so glad am going soon :D

    Am liking all ur posts..! Keep 'em coming until i reach there :P

  4. Choc peppermint and vanilla vanilla maxi look so pretttyyyyyy!!!! i dont know if i would even wanna eat just want to stare at them

  5. WOW, do all of these look yummy!!
    Thanks for the e.l.f vote:)

    Stop by and say Hello♥
    Let’s Rock the 30x30 Remix..check it out!!♥

  6. Totally sinful yet so desirable..cheesy line for a cheesy cupcake ;)

  7. Oh! Aren't these just yummy!!! *drool*

    But then they look so cute will I ever bite into one???

  8. i want all of these! im a cupcake freak! haha

  9. Thanks everybody:)
    @Bhargavi: Thanks so much :D No, I'm afraid they can't be sent to India! :P
    @Chandana: Haha! Yeah, if you're visiting Sydney, it'll be a sin not to try these places :)

  10. Ohmigosh now I'm in dire need of a sugar rush - these look scrummy!! :)

  11. i absolutely love red velvet cupcakes! thanks for visiting my blog
    now following
    follow mine

  12. my mouth is watering right now!! =p good thing pizza will be here in a sec & super bowl :) life is good!

  13. Love your blog!!! And I am a huge fan of cupcakes. In NYC there is a bakery called crumbs that is fantastic. I wouldn;t mind getting my hands on that rocky road one.


  14. These all look delicious! I love cupcakes :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  15. those cupcakes look yummy! i'm a fan of red velvet :)




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