Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Adding Drama with Lilac

What is black, staple and not an LBD?
A black well-fitted skirt! :)
In my case, its a cigarette skirt. This black skirt actually has transformation powers. When paired with a crisp white shirt it transforms into my official attire (yes, lawyers like power dressing :D ) and paired with a loose, flowy shirt/blouse/kaftan its perfect for that night out in the city.
This outfit was actually built around this flowy, pleated top that I picked, with ruffles at the top. After some brain storming, I decided that to lend it its true flowy feel, it needed to be paired with a cigarette skirt like this. The Lilac of the top makes me think of the cool night breeze and the myriad of colors the sea takes under the moonlight and Lilac being one of them. Who said fashion had nothing to do with philosophy or literature? :)
For those of you following me on twitter will know, I got a hair cut and was lucky coz Savio John was in town :) I have been asked by certain people *you know who you are* to keep this bed head look and not clean it up with a blow dry or a straightener. I am actually happy with the results so I'm not complaining, not here at least. :P

Lilac pleated top: Forever New
Black cigarette skirt: Mango
Strappy shoes with crystal bows: Random shoe store (Bangalore)
Tiny bag with an oversized bow: Accessorize, UK (gifted)
Lipstick: Costa Chic by MAC

The make up was kept dewy and candy. Some eye shadow in pale pink from Body Shop, NYX cream blush in Golden(its a light pink-ish beige, nothing golden but still lovely!), and a candy pink lipstick from MAC.
Keep tuned in ladies. Lot more posts coming up this month :)


  1. Likey like your new haircut dear!! And that black skirt looks like such a wardrobe staple!!! :)

  2. you look perfect !! The outfit has come out really well.. Loved ur bag nd d top !!

  3. oooh I loved the drama!!
    everything is looking so freakin pretty :)

  4. We know who we are.
    Nice going :)

  5. Ooooh, I love the skirt!!! <3 Nice haircut, lady! :*

  6. Hey! I came across ur blog, recently. Welcome me as ur new follower :D
    U look great in all the outfits!

    Will be glad if u drop by my blog , sometime :)

  7. Love the new hair cut..totally suits you :)
    You so rightly described lilac..the outfit is beautifully put together..just love that shade :)

  8. very cute shirt!
    nice blog


  9. loved the bag and skirt..u lookin cute..:)

  10. I love the lilac blouse. Such a feminine and calming color. You look amazing.




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