Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Over the rainbow

I was having a conversation with my sister who you have seen here, about what she planned to wear for NYE. She told me about a dress she had picked from BCBG and when I asked her how it looked, with the most earnest curiosity and interest, she explained how it looked with a little disclaimer that "it might not look jaw-dropping(ly) exquisite to you, but it made me feel special". *Silence*
We laughed for hours on end over that statement coz on the face of it, it was so fairy tale-esque and straight out of a chick flick moment of sorts, but I thought about it later for a while and it struck me that the parameters to pick clothes for most of us are actually quite simple. We buy clothes that make us feel special. Or a piece of jewelery that makes us feel special. I, for one have never been able to wear something that I did not feel happy in but another person thought it would look good on me/was  absolutely bang-on the fashion meter.
And that, dear readers was a little introduction to my current favourite over-sized shirt with hearts all over it. It makes me happy :D

Luckily for me, Bangalore wasn't this abysmally cold a while back when I shot in this outfit and nothing, I repeat nothing is as comfortable as a flowy shirt and a cute pair of shorts! :)
Shirt: ASOS, Shorts: Australia, Cuff-Ring: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai, Lipstick: Peach Fuzz by L'Oreal(Gifted)

Keep the Christmas spirit alive, lovelies! :)


  1. Haha,so cute,you look like a doll!This shirt makes me feel happy too,i wear it so often and
    yes,i wish i had a sister,the joys of pulling each other's hair and fighting..ah well..

  2. You are such a cutie :) And that shirt is to die for!

  3. Your hair is looking real good in this!!! And the shirt is very cute!

  4. the shirt looks real cute :) would go n check asos :)
    you are so cute girl!!! n that line by ur sister made me smile and its true actually ,, so cute of her too :D

  5. hey pretty lady! u look fab!! :)
    following u! :)
    hope u follow me bac :)


  6. great shirt!


  7. You look super cute in these pics and your shirt is equally cute :)
    Am a new follower. You have nice & simple blog :)

  8. Thanks so much girls! :D It was just one of those cute girlie moments which I thought you girls would relate to :D
    Also, welcome aboard new followers! *hugs*

  9. Nice shirt..you look pretty :D

  10. For the Love of Fashion and Other Things: That shirt is sooo adorable. :) Its as cute as you look in that outfit. And the hair with the tousled-out-of-bed-look is soo sexy.

  11. love how you have teamed up your outfit...
    your gorgeous bag has especially caught my eyes:)))

  12. i'm absolutely in love with this shirt. can't wait to see what you wear for NYE.

  13. I so agree..thr are clothes that make you feel special (and remind you of some amazing memories :):)) and thus makes you HAPPY :D
    Super cute you and super cute shirt..I am liking that you paired the outfit with nudes..love those shoes btw :)



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