Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Met Ball 2012

I don't claim to have the dedication to get up at 6 A.M. IST and watch the Met Ball live on the internet, but a fashion ball with the fashion world's who's who, dressed to kill and you have me hooked enough to spend hours making discerning judgements about what they wore. Met Ball, for those of you who do not know *tsk tsk* is the Metropolitan Museum's fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute. It is a celebration of the same and is always touted to be the biggest fashion event of west coast. This blog post was requested by Anjali, a friend and a reader. I hope you like it.
NYC saw some of the following trends emerge big in this year's Met Ball:
  • LOT of feathered detailing. Ostrich feather trails were big. Personally, not a big fan of the feathered trail.
  • Tulle. Need I even mention how much I love this evergreen red carpet trend? 
  • Peplum. Its doing the rounds and how! However, none of the ladies in peplum make it to my best-dressed list :)
Moving on, my top ten best dressed for the Met Ball 2012 would have to be the following. (Fine, not like anybody cares! :P) supplemented with a few biases and reasons of course:
Scarlett Johansson in Dolce & Gabbana.
There is no doubt, she is killing it with a full tulle skirt. The messy hair just adds to the aura!
Alexa Chung in Marc Jacobs.
Can she ever get it wrong? I would say seldom. The leather paneled dress and the white shirt with the casually done hair are working wonders. Although I wouldn't say that this is her best!
Angela Lindvall in Prada
The geometric print dress and the working of the colors with the shoes and the clutch is definitely a stunner. Loving the print and the jacket on top.
Emily Blunt in  Calvin Klein Collection.
Killing it in a pretty coral with a beautifully cut back. Her pink blush and nude lips are just about perfect for this gown!

Eva Mendes in Prada.

If there is anyone who can pull off this fiery orange Prada gown with a fully embellished bodice it has to be Eva Mendes! The chestnut hair definitely complement the entire look.
Christina Ricci in custom-made Thakoon.
The detailing, the oversized-bow at the back with a trail and the colors are just perfection. She's definitely killing it.
Heidi Klum in Escada.
The gun metal lace peek-a-boo gown is not only classy but also works wonders on her body. Add to it the careful chic accessorising and Heidi Kum's doing wonders.
Jessica Alba in  Michael Kors.
The dramatic make up, hair and the golden dress just make her look like a goddess. I'm not even sure if anyone else could pull this dress like she does!
Jessica Biel in Prada.
The lightly embellished Prada gown, the geometric clutch and the neat neckline is so fabulous. Not over the top and yet so red carpet.
Leighton Meester in Marchesa
Here is where the bias comes in. A tulle in gold by Marchesa is exactly the sort of thing dreams are made of. I would wear a Marchesa to a red carpet event in a heartbeat as I have repeatedly mentioned. Classic minimal make up and cherry lips work for her, everytime.

Who were your favourites? What did you think? Share your thoughts! :)

all images courtesy: vogue.co.uk

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  1. I dont know... I was really feeling Scarlett, Alexa, or *GASP* my darling Leighton...
    But everyone else looked amazing! I also think Solonge Knowles and Rhianna (except her makeup :-/) looked superb

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