Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pavers England

I have to admit that store and collection reviews are fun. One of those awesome perks of being a fashion blogger, I reckon. It is almost empowering to be able to influence public perspectives about certain brands, breaking cliches and stereotypes and being able to present a fair picture of brands, collections and stores.
Pavers England requested me to do a general review of their collection and I have to admit that the findings were impressive. The brand portrays a very clean, no-nonsense and a sharp image via their shoes. The collections have some classic pieces and there is a shoe for almost everyone. Which brings me to the prices. The shoes are priced anywhere between 2,000 INR to about 5,000 INR. The higher end shoes could come off as a tad bit expensive, but going by their make and styling I would say they are worth the investment. What I really appreciated about the line of shoes from Pavers is that along with being smart and classy, there is an affordable shoe for everyone. One could get a nice pair of formal shoes for men for as reasonable a price as 2,000 INR.
With that, let me show you some of my favourites from both the lines.
Welcome to Pavers England :)

Tassled loafers in yummy colors!

Ok, so maybe I love loafers for men too!

Snake print pumps, love!

The range of belts

And if you thought that was all, they also have some interesting bags. Especially like the blue sequined tote.

Fun, flirty and very eclectic.

I needed one of these I-am-no-photographer-but-I-try-and-I'm-a-narcissist photographs!
That was the low down on the brand and my final verdict would be that its definitely value for money. If you're some one who likes having fun with the basic styles then Pavers England is definitely a place worth checking out. For more information: Pavers England.
But that is not all, in a few days there is going to be a mega giveaway, right here. Hint: Pavers England? :)
Watch this space for more.



  1. loved the photographs n your shorts :)

  2. Really interesting pieces there!

    Love your red shorts and your footwear!

    ❤ Fabulous Little

  3. I love what you are wearing :)


  4. i love d snake print pumps! n ur blazer is v cute! :)
    new post up

  5. Wow, love the shorts. Very nice :P Also like the blazer :P

    Seems like a lot of fun!


  6. I can absolutely understand what you felt.The joy of being a fashion blogger. Can't be described in words ^_^

    Pavers England indeed is value for money as far as I can make out from your review.Will be looking forward to visiting some store soon.

    <3 Apurva

    1. I read your latest post so I know you would've had equal amounts of fun reviewing Tommy :D

  7. Love your outfit & Pavers England looks good :))


  8. Love the red and blue together!

    In a non-creepy way, I just realised you have the same surname as an aunt of mine. What if we're far-off related? :O

  9. wow! everything's lovely! and cute blog. :D
    hey! would you like to follow each other pretty?
    i hope we can be friends. :D

    1. Thank you so much RaeAbigael :) Will definitely check out your blog :)



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