Monday, August 6, 2012

Monte Carlo for Forever New

On most occasions I run helper skelter searching for inspirations when I am bogged with a lot of work. But sometimes, fashion represents itself in inspirations that are so obvious and pleasing to your senses that you feel the intense need to share it with others.
The Monte Carlo collection, the latest from the house of Forever New gives to the world a sartorial depiction of the languid French Riviera coupled with the opulence of Place du Casino. The history, art, lifestyle and culture of Monte Carlo takes shape on the very fabric of this collection. Bringing in the sharpest elements of the season together in the form of larger than life prints, nautical inspirations, golden accents and a lot of fluidity.
The peplum dresses and the classy wedge version of the black shoes spell classic fashionista charm of the influences in Monte Carlo. Add to it the color influences of the deep blue coastline of the French Riviera, the collection boasts of sheer shirts, nautical printed skirts, dresses and even shoes. The color influences shine bright with rich blues and pops of neon yellows. The collection also manages to balance off the exuberance of these colors with a lot of positively neutral ones like shades of tan and pure whites. 
Throw in the majority of these elements together and you have a winner on your hands.

Are you feeling the looks? I know I am.


  1. Great and awesome collection of Monte Carlo ..

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  2. I like blue the most and also how it has been put in all these outfits

    Colorific India

  3. I am VERY MUCH feeling them haha :p Never heard of the brand but waaauuuw I've got to get that third outfit!! Love the first dress too :) Nice post, as always a pleasure to read here!!




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