Sunday, August 26, 2012

The fashion in comfort or vice-versa

Some outfits do not require a lot of thinking about or pondering over. You think of a few basic elements you want to put together and the rest of it just falls into place. For a day out watching a movie and then chilling with friends and reviewing a brand's new collection, I had in mind my new quirkbox bolero jacket which is one of the gifts that I got for my birthday. Been itching to throw it on, I was slightly unsure of how to style it since I needed to ensure that the crazy Delhi heat didn't kill me if I put that jacket on. And the answer came almost immediately. What better way to style a bright quirky bolero jacket than over a sheer shirt in a neutral color this summer. I went with my staple white sheer shirt, my favourite blue jeans and added my new nude brogues from the sales to complete the look. Having used neutrals like white and nude against the neons of the jacket, I added a dash of solid colors in the form of my new Mango bag, as heard of here. And some arm party to wind it up.

Wearing: white sheer shirt: Forever New, blue skinnies: Diesel, bolero jacket: Quirkbox (gifted), water proof tote: Mango, patent leather oxfords: Zara, arm party: assorted
What do you think, fellas? :D


  1. That vest is so damn cute dude! I WANT

    p.s PLEASE remove word verification!!

    1. Just removed it! :D
      And thank you :* Now I'm in Delhi, you can steal mine :D

  2. I love your shoes. the outfit as a whole is lovely :)

  3. I love your shoes. the outfit as a whole is lovely :)

  4. A very cute and comfortable outfit!! Love that vest!!

  5. Needless to say, the bolero jacket is gorgeous! It spells chic quirky :D

  6. I love both fashion and comfort, and I'm totally enjoying both your oxfords and your hair!

  7. I love this bolero jacket.....i also need it...u look good in everything sweetheart....<3

  8. i love the whole look totally
    style yet so casual !! amazing you Shrey :)



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