Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dine and wine with Four Seasons

The day dawned bright and clear and with very little suspicion that it might drizzle on us in the midst of our wine event, we headed out for the very picturesque venue of Cherie, One Qutub.
The event, organized by Four Seasons Wines and Cherie, One Qutub was a Live Cook Out and wine tasting event with Chief Wine Maker Abhay Kewadkar and Chef Raman.
Tasting everything from the classic and my personal favourite, Sauvignon Blanc to women's all time favourite Blush, from classic cocktails to freshly made Sangria, the afternoon couldn't have been more fruitful (pun intended!).
I'm no wine connoisseur, but I usually go with what my taste buds direct me towards so tasting a variety of wines over conversations with a variety of bloggers was definitely something that I enjoyed.
The highlight of the noon included a live cook out by Chef Raman, whipping out some classics made with wine. Braised cauliflower, seared scallops, chicken and mushroom pot pie and some cheesecake were definitely the highlights. Succulent food with some lovely wine and a whole bunch of new people to meet. Even the slight drizzle couldn't dampen the fun! :) Take a look. As for my outfit, wait for the next post. ;)

What do you think? Do the pictures do justice to the fun afternoon? They sure do! :)


  1. d pics r ur shoes
    Visit us on Facebook too. Let's follow each other

  2. For sure your pictures do a lot of justice!!

  3. Its lovely baking and looks like so healthy for health, and looks so inspiration in dining table.





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