Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Northern Lights- A sneak peek

Enchanting and a visual treat, these are the words I choose to describe Forever New's latest collection: Northern Lights. When I first heard about this phenomenon, I was intrigued enough to do an in-depth research into it. But I shall spare you a thesis and move on the important bits about the phenomenon and what Forever New tries to incorporate in its latest collection. Northern Lights or the aurora borealis as it is known is a beautiful display of lights across the moon lit skies associated with the Northern latitudes. When you think of Northern lights, you automatically think of the Arctic and the flash of beautiful lights in the snow capped regions! This magical collection, quite like its inspiration highlights fall textures and elements of dazzle. Fur coats, sequined jackets, prints inspired from the inky skies, calf skin bags and a lot of razz matazz in the form of thin belts, statement necklaces and intricate earrings. Don't miss the influence of the whites and the pale pinks obviously taking from the natural elements of the northern latitudes that we associate with the northern lights.
Some pieces you don't wanna miss from this collection:

And if you were living under a rock all this while, its time to resurface and shop Forever New online.
Tell me what you think.

1 comment:

  1. So subtle and delicate, I loved the jacket and clutch, lovely neutrals and you're right Northern Lights are intriguing!



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