Tuesday, February 12, 2013

FTLOFAOT with Max: Crazy Stupid Love

If you had secretly once wished that there were Valentines Day sales, well, your wish is almost granted. Here's presenting to you a one of its kind Valentines Day contest, right here on FTLOFAOT, sponsored by Max.
In case you have been living under a rock, Max is a leading fashion brand offering customers a one stop shop for clothing, accessories and footwear needs for the entire family. In my opinion, if you want your money's worth with some interesting lot of variety, then Max is definitely a store to check out.
Max's new line is all about going color crazy! Vivid colors, prints and a lot of fun textures, whats not to like! :)

All you have to do to win a lovely prize of a gift voucher worth Rs. 3000 from Max, are two things:
  • In the comment box, tell us your love story/craziest thing you have done for love or if you haven't already, get your horses running and tell us what would you do for love! :) We pick the story that truly stands for crazy stupid (beautiful) love. :)
  • Like FTLOFAOT on Facebook, right here and Max fashions, right here You can also tweet about it with the hashtag (#) crazystupidlove and tag me @Shreya_1 to make sure we hear your story!
Also leave in the comment box, your email id which we will use to contact you in case you win.

Contest open till the 19th of February, 2013 for Indian residents only.
What exactly are you waiting for? Pen down your crazy story right here! And if you haven't found your crazy love story, what better an opportunity to think of what you would like. 
Cause ladies, if its not crazy, it ain't love. ;)



  1. I got my boyfriend's name tattooed on my spine. Half of it in the Sindhi Script (cos he is Sindhi) and half of it in Tamil (Cos I am tamil).

    It was for his birthday!

  2. This Craziest thing I did for my Love was two years ago. I pre-planned a cute surprise for him; on 30th January 2011.It was his Birthday. This was the perfect moment to show my love for him where valentine day was some days far and I thought to wish my love with Loads and Lots of love. So it happened like weeks back I went to a gift shop and ordered around 1000 copies of special Birthday and valentine cards. I actually shelled out a good amount of money from my savings to arrange a something special him on his D day! I personally chose, read and shortlisted each and every card of different size and shapes which actually took four meetings with the shop owner. Finally I got my hands on the pile of cards and went on with my Plan. On his birthday when his was out for a meeting and with the help of his mom I stuck my personalized greeting cards all over his bedroom walls, it was that covered that it felt like a Card gallery! And lastly I filled the empty floor of his room with millions of heart shaped red balloons. Finally the time arrived to surprise him...The moment he entered his room he was spell bound and looked almost thrilled of what I did he never expected! That was the Best-est moment of our relationship we ALWAYS cherish! He thought this was Craziest yet a beautiful surprise a girl can ever give to her boyfriend!
    -Ankita, onlywith_ankita@yahoo.co.in /onlywithankita@gmail.com

  3. Umm Rewind!I met my love 13 years ago when i didn't even know what love was. I am 23 now and when i started dating i was just 10. Ya just 10. He was my neighbour and we used to play together. It all started from sharing chocolates, pencils, pens and finally our lives. And today on this day of love.. i am too excited to share my precious story with the world. I remember sneaking out from house at 12 in the night, just to tel him that i love him. And the interesting part, this is when i used to stay with my family. My craziest thing ever for him.

  4. My email id is ashyinthakral9@gmail.com

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  6. I'm a touring musician, so sometimes it's hard to find stability when you are in a different city every night. However, I fell in love at first sight with my boyfriend when I was in a town near Srinagar. We stayed in touch by texting and calling, and I sent letters and postcards from every city I performed in. When I finally got back home to Mumbai, I had to find a way to see him in the opposite corner of the country. My best friend worked at an airline company and got me tickets to see him. However, since there are political tensions in that area, there were no direct flights most of the time, each trip I took to see him required two flights, a 45-minute taxi ride, and then a 2-hour bus trip! I made the trip every other week until he finally moved to Mumbai to be with me. Love does make you do stupid, crazy and memorable stuff :)
    email : reha_amy@yahoo.co.in

  7. I married my love after a 3 year long distance relationship. We met in Uk,a nd then I was back in India for my sisters weddin. so it was long time away from him. The first new year after we started dating,was crazy. He is someone who won't hear a no for an answer if he wants to see me. So three months before new year eve he thought he would come to India to spend our first new year, based on my belief that if spent the first one together, we would be together forever. But we dropped the plan, because he was a student, and had just made a trip a month back with me for the wedding, and post-poned his flight thrice in the trip just to spend some extra time with me, cancelling and paying more each time. And hence short on finances. So we struggled for another 2 and half months, when just 10 days before new year eve we suddenly had a fit again to see each other. Had we booked the tickets 3 months back, they would have been cheaper, but we couldn't afford back then, as well as even later. But as typical of him and also me, we finally decided to pool in money, book a ticket for me, because he had some assignment to make. I lied to my parents about spending the new year with my newly married sister in Delhi. From where I took a flight 3 days before new year eve, and went to see him. Stayed there for a week and came back. the whole trip made us both broke, but it was crazy how we couldn't resist seeing each other, even though I had my return for the month of feb, which was 2 months later. The ticket was double the price. After the ticket we didn't have enough money even to go out for new years. So had a cozy, quiet new years in his apartment. Which was by far the best one, and I'm glad we did it!!

  8. we all need love, because love makes us want to be better, strive to do more, love inspires us, to be selfless, to give, to compromise, to smile, to laugh ,to be Crazy to be ourselves :) I find craziness in all the supid things i do in love with him, like going to watch a cricket match with him even though its the last day sale of my favourite shoe brand , sharing my Toothbrush with him :D , baking a cake latenight with him just bcoz we saw in one of the food channel and wana hav a cake right at that time :D , dancing in the rain on the rooftop sexily just to make him dance wid me ;) , giving miss calls to him the whole day while he is busy in his office :D nd my everyday craziness list goes on :D . So the perfect defination of love for me: crazy stupid love :) <3

  9. Ahh I love Max! Their tunics and flats are to die for. My mom and me always freak out at Max! And luckily for me, I have a few aunts in Dubai who get me ballet flats (snake skinned this time) from Max.

    I am currently single, but my Crazy Stupid Love story would be the Valentine's week in 2010. My then bf surprised me with a week-long Paris getaway (I was in Milan, studying and he was in Texas) , since the 12th was our anniversary and 14th of course was Valentines. I was so excited and could not stop thinking about what I would wear (classic), but he was too lazy to pack. He kept putting it for later. The night before we left (we had a budget flight at a random airport that was 1.5 hours away from the city at 7:30 am) I insisted we pack, but he told me to relax. Next thing I knew I was rudely woken up at 3 am. We had to leave in 45 minutes. I packed for both of us in a hurry, while he ran to withdraw money from the ATM! Then we had to get a bus to the airport. I was in a bad mood. I also realized I forgot to pack the tiny bag with our chargers, which meant we could not charge our phones, camera or laptop. He kept reassuring me that if we missed the flight, he would book another one right away.

    We charged through the airport, I think I knocked over an old woman's bag and she yelled at me in Italian, but we made it.
    The flight was another nightmare. Since it was a budget thing, for the hour long duration, we had to keep listening to the announcements of the sponsors in every language possible! I was on the verge of a headache.

    After landing, and after taking another bus (for 45 minutes), it was a 10 minute walk to out hotel from the station. People were kind enough to direct us, in English, and the moment we stepped out of the station, it began to snow.

    It was the most magical moment. We were both laughing, we threw snow at each other. I think people thought we were crazy!

    Long story short, it was the best week ever, and probably the best Valentine's treat ever. I doubt anything or anyone else can top that.
    And we did buy a couple of disposable cameras, so I do have a few pictures!

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  11. Over the course of our life, we meet many people with whom we form many relations. There are some of them that are inevitable like our parents, siblings, there are some we consciously form like friends, clients, colleagues etc. and then there are some which are both and yet neither. My relationship with my husband Mandeep is of this category. It was inevitable that we met; we were always drifting towards each other unconscious of our affinity. It was inevitable that we fought when we first met (We could never ignore each other). It was inevitable that we became friends post that, we were always missing each other and always craving for that best friend that we found in each other. We were in the same office and same team (our first job at a software giant in 2004) and thus were thrown together. One day when we left office together for home, it started raining heavily (our first rains) and my sandal broke, I was a mess and embarrassed to the core with passing people staring at me. He just looked at me, removed his shoes and said, Lets walk barefoot till our vehicle, its so much fun to walk barefoot on grass in rains and so we walked barefoot in the rains that day, seeing us few others also joined and I had so much fun in the rain that day. I guess I made up my mind to marry him that day, a guy who could so easily turn my embarrassment and discomfort into so much fun was the one for me. Over the past few years we have become each others life. He cares for me like the worried parents yet not treating me like a kid, he protects me like an elder brother yet not treating me like an errant teenager, he is my best friend, my trusted advisor, my nurse when I am sick and a lover who makes me feel complete, my real diamond. Today, we have known each other for 8 years and married for 5. We do silly stuff all the time, like when our honeymoon flight got delayed by 6 hrs and the Delhi airport was having a strike so there was literally no clean place to roam around or sit, we swept up one corner and played antakshari aloud for 6 hrs and had so much fun fighting over wrongly sung songs or just go for a long drive and stop at each town or village in between to taste something from the place. With him in my life, I feel complete.

  12. My email id: nidhiagra@yahoo.com



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