Sunday, February 24, 2013

Old wine in a new bottle

There is a charm in all old things. Like Khan Market, Delhi. While Hauz Khas Village seems to be the new favourite with the young rabble rousers, some of us still go back to Khan Market quietly, sometimes. For its narrow lanes. For its good food. For the tourists who seem to be soaking in the culture at the cult spots. For some of my favourite jewelry places. *pssst not so secret*
And for locked grilled doors like this one with the lock that has begun to rust.
Seemed like a good place to capture the essence of the outfit. Striped maxi skirt ( trend alert: stripes are the biggest trend for Summer 2013), a happy vest and a boho top knot. But if you thought this old, done boho outfit was all there was, then wait till you lay your eyes on this studded Boucle jacket. Boucle jackets ruled the trend charts this winter and this studded, English looking jacket could hardly be missed by me. Giving this old done outfit a new twist along with the stylish jacket is my necklace and this piece of designer jewelry sent over by the guys at Zariin. Zariin jewelry is sure to become an object of your fancy for two big reasons: First, no two pieces are alike and none of the pieces look been there, done that because the styling is so edgy and unique, and secondly, because set in 22k gold plating or sterling silver plating, with semi-precious stones in their raw sexy appeal, you would be surprised at how affordable such designer jewelry is. Apart from this wonderful gift sent over by them, I know I am definitely ordering in some of those jagged stone necklaces. I suggest you take a look too.
vest: Mango, maxi skirt in stripes: Forever New, boucle jacket with studs: Zara, bag: Coach, oxfords: Zara, necklace: Sportsgirl (Australia), Gold ring: C/O Zariin

Are you ready for the next season? And to bottle the old wine in new ways? :)



  1. So chic....loved ur jacket n ur ring.
    Shreya u rocked the outfit!!

  2. So chic....loved ur jacket n ur ring.
    Shreya u rocked the outfit!!

  3. I love reading your posts and you write oh so well!
    And whoever said horizontal stripes dont work.. Damn you! >_<

    I live in Mumbai and visit Delhi every now and then, would love to meet you sometime! =)

    Love xx

    1. Hi Aditi! :)
      Its been wonderful reading your feedback :) really is. And absolutely, would love to meet you too. LEt me know when you're in Delhi next :)

  4. I LOVE your jacket and the way it complements that striped maxi!!! Go girl! :))

  5. hey!
    i've just found ur blog, awesome style!
    take a look at mine and let me know if u like it ;)
    kisses from Spain,



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