Thursday, April 11, 2013

Five Summer Lovin' products

I don't know how many of you all agree with me, but there is no cosmetic product that will give you a 100% result. There are no magic wands, nor tricks that will end all your beauty concerns in entirety. But thats just a personal opinion. However, in the last few years, I have become a little more cautious, a little more concerned about what products I use for my hair or skin. Maybe thats a part of the maturity I was talking about a few posts back. Actual concern about what is good or bad for your hair or body. Moving on, here are my few favourite products for some summer loving. After all, there is no loving greater than that of self. Okay, I totally made that up. 8-)
Lets get into the interesting stuff right away.

  1. Pivoine Flora L'Occitaine Shower Gel:
I'm not an expert but this is what I have learnt. The creamy shower gels are a no-no for summers because they tend to leave your skin a little too moisturized which is good for the winters. If you have an extremely dry skin, sure go ahead. For a normal skin, a light floral/fruity quality shower gel should do the trick. For the same purpose, I picked this peony fragrance in the L'Occitaine collection, having been a big fan of their products. Summer with a hint of moisture. Perfect.

     2. Clinique Anti Blemish Solution
As the name suggests its a post face wash, cleansing lotion. Its a part of a 3-step, 3-product of the same range, routine. This is especially for skin that has slight blemishes or runs the risk of blemishes. The idea I had when I started using this anti blemish range was a thorough cleanse with no blemish of any zit that might foray onto my skin. Definitely works for me. Like I said, not a 100% but it does its job and doesn't give me a reason to change.

    3. Moroccan Argan Oil for the hair by Organix

I have raved and ranted about this magical product (close to it), on my facebook page enough so some of you would know how well this works. For others, avoiding the summer dry, lifeless frizzy hair is a one step solution with this slightly expensive but value for the cost product. You can buy the Moroccan Oil in other makes also, I chose Organix. It is available in select salons across the country amongst which is Affinity, Looks and the likes, I believe. Wash your hair, towel dry it and take two drops of this on to your palm and apply it till the end of the hair. Your hair is bound to noticeably softer and more supple. A home made therapy for softer, moistened hair in summers I use is applying curd to your hair before a shampoo. Its not gross, simply because it doesn't smell! :D 

     4.  Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion (SPF 15) by Body Shop

First important thing about this product is that I do not suggest this to women exposing themselves to a really harsh sun in the peak of summers. The summers here in Delhi have just kicked off and this sun block provides a fair amount of coverage with minimal stickiness. That is a total win win for a sunblock. It is SPF 15 and hence when the Sun gets more brutal, I will definitely recommend switching to a stronger sun block. Sadly, Body Shop does not make another product in this range so I will be on the lookout for a stronger sun block, yet again this summer. Till then the fresh sea weed fragrance and the non sticky texture has me sold on this one.

  5. Colorbar Nailpaint in 15 Exclusive (Mint color)

I have to be honest. I was not intending on buying my quintessential mint nailpolish in Colorbar. I had my heart set on Essie and despite scrounging around the internet for days on many websites, I could not find one that delivered Essie to India or otherwise had these gorgeous pastels in stock. Giving up, I found this absolutely splendid shade in Colorbar at a cosmetics store and I realized that they have some wonderful summer-spring 2013 colors. From mad pinks to yellows, they have the range covered. Affordability is also the USP since this costs about Rs.150 (INR)

Agree? Disagree? Want to use? Never using again? Whatever you think, share with me :)



  1. Appling curd really works...n the best part is doesn't smell...

  2. I'm digging the product reviews.Need to try the L'occitan shower gel.And Moroccan Oil is something I swear by.

  3. Hey Shreya.. lovely post :O).. Pls could you tell me where in Delhi can I find Organix moroccan oil. I have checked LOOKS & affinity, but they have the Moroccan oil (Rs. 2,500.. :O().. Whr did you buy the organix one from. Pls advise..



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