Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Retro Summer

Summer outfits should be fun, flirty and feminine. Most importantly they should be comfortable. No one wants to be out gallivanting in the sweltering heat wearing uncomfortable shoes or too many layers, for the sake of fashion. I'm ringing in the Retro era ('40s to the '80s) with this heart printed shirt which I decided to tie at the bottom into a knot and these swinger sunglasses with the hipster green check. The summer staple in this outfit are the ombre shorts from Max fashions in orange. They made me think of a melting orange lolly and I knew I had to make them a summer staple. Keeping it clean in terms of accessories, I have just used my watch and the tan bag and nude oxford shoes. Definitely a fuss free summer look that I would want to play around with this season. For the women worried of the leching that the hot pants might attract, I would definitely suggest factoring in the occasion and the place you decide to sport this look at. Dress as you please, we are definitely a free country on paper but these liberal ideologies do not exactly translate into a hard and fast follow up by the state.
But that debate is for another day.
For now, channel the inner 'Disco Deewane' this summer with a hint of retro in your summer clothing.

Heart print shirt: ASOS
Ombre shorts: C/O Max Fashions
Sunglasses: Quick Brown Fox (Australia)
Nude oxfords: Zara
Tan bag: C/O Youshine

Till the next time,


  1. You are such a pretty baby no matter what outfit u wear u look gorg in all!
    I really wish if a get a daughter she shud look like you (n ofcourse dress too)
    U blog is such a treat to eyes :)

    1. AWWW. That is the sweetest compliment ever! Thank you so so much! XX

  2. You reminded me so much of Bobby(neetu singh). Lovely!


  3. Such a cute outfit :-) and I cannot get over "disco dewane" - you have made my day!


    1. Haha! Thank you J! :) I thought it kind of went with the outfit vibe! :P

  4. Hi there pretty face. Love the shorts and the sunglasses! You are so gorgeous Shreyaaaa :) I definitely like how you paired the heart print shirt with ombre shorts :D


    1. You're the best and your compliments definitely bring a huge grin on my face! :D



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