Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Five websites that have changed the way we shop

As a fashion blogger, one of the most common questions which I come across and am sure other bloggers would agree is where do you shop, or to be closer to the question I am discussing today, where do you shop online. To answer that with all the relevant value added information on the same, here are five websites that have changed the Indian fashion girl's game.
  • ASOS: I cannot remember how and where I found out about ASOS but its been about 3 years that I have been shopping from ASOS and despite all my issues regarding not receiving packages on time, I continue to shop from there, simply because there is absolutely no replacement for the the collections housed at ASOS. Be it in terms of quality, pricing or styles, this British brand gives you the best of European fashion, under one website. A note to the shoppers in India, our wonderful Postal Service might arbitrarily charge you customs, even if your package is worth less than Rs. 10,000. Sometimes, I reckon its because it just feels heavier or bigger. Also, I had severe delivery issues when I was in Bangalore but that is not the case in Delhi. Some brands on ASOS to look for which make for its USP: Vero Moda (International), ASOS (self designed stuff by the brand), Whistles (UK brand most popular because Kate Middleton flaunts a lot of Whistles clothing), Ted Baker, etc.

  • Mango: Ask any fashion blogger what his/her favourite brands are they are bound to list Mango in their first 5 preferences. This Spanish brand which set up its first shop in 1984 in Barcelona has spread itself over a very large part of the world with a forte of classic cuts and great tailoring. The Mango website began delivering to India not long ago and still charges delivery at the rate of say ‘shopping worth Rs. 6500, shipping cost Rs. 790’. While to me that appears to be a cost worth the tailoring Mango gives me, it might not be the case for everyone. But considering that the styles first come on the website and much later in the stores in India, that extra price is a price Indian fashionistas are willing to pay according to the ongoing trend. USP: Delivery is quick as hell.

  • FabAlley: Be it the fact that these young entrepreneurs ensure that the designs on the website are absolutely the latest or the fact that delivery is spot on time, Fab Alley is definitely emerging as a website that is a trend setter of its kind. It has picked and chosen the best of all that the online accessories retailing has to offer. The jewelry box is a sure hit with all the month’s pleasers to keep the lazy fashionista up to date. For me, the USP definitely has to be its one of a kind designs.

  • YoushineIf you are not in based in the metropolitan cities, you can still reach out to the designs of this new and upcoming website. Youshine retails everything a woman needs to complete here look, from jewelry to bags to scarves to hair accessories. Neat designs, lot of variety and the its USP which makes it a brand which the girl next door relates to as much as the extravagant fashionista, is its pricing!

  • Done by None: I have not personally shopped from this website but the ongoing trends tell me that they have their game quite set. Having heard the raving and ranting, a thorough scanning of the website led me to see that Done by None not only retails everything from clothes to shoes but also offers it all at kick ass prices. My bet is on their fabulous range of shoes which I noticed are all priced below Rs.2000 and in a world where pretty shoes don’t come cheap, I think I am going to buy a couple from here.

This is not an exhaustive list but definitely a large sample of the game changers. There are a lot of shops run on Facebook that are competing with these websites just as well, but that research and article is for another day.

For now, get shopping! ;)


  1. Yes, I am agreed with you that these website really changed the fashion trend for girls. One more website want to share is yuvastyle.com which has latest collection of shoes and clothes for women.

  2. Do you know if Asos accepts Indian cards? I tried a few times then gave up. .

  3. Do you know if Asos accepts Indian cards? I tried a few times then gave up. .

    1. It does accept Indian cards, but only Credit I think. My debit didn't work either!

  4. i shop from all these sites... n id recommend u look at koovs.com its just like asos style... the page design n all... but since its local... free shippin all over india

  5. i shop at all these websites... but u mite wanna check out koovs.com id recommend it to anyone who likes the format of asos... also check out stalkbuylove.com

  6. I really like www.koovs.com too. Great pricing, brilliant collection, and incredibly fast delivery. :)



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