Thursday, July 25, 2013

Varija Bajaj

If I told you marriages are made in heaven and weddings are just a celebration of love, etc, I run the risk of being too 27 Dresses-ish or closer home, Band Baaja Baraat (Or Band Baaja Bride if you like the show better). But the fact of the matter is, as average Indian girls, from the moment we are born, it is ingrained in our pretty heads that marriage is the single most important event of our lives (the fact that we might agree or disagree is an absolutely separate matter). So without making it too cheesy, let me get into the unveiling of the Varija Bajaj design studio which was by all means a very classy affair. Varija Bajaj is an FDCI accredited designer whose label Varija is all about the modern, sassy Indian girl. Her latest collections are rich in embroidery and embellishments and the play of colors is definitely the USP. She has an eye for working with Indian textures and fabric use and her use of regional ethnic elements definitely make for an interesting option. My favourite bit when I browsed through her collection was definitely the use of an ornate silver belt on a wedding lehenga which she gladly explained to me was the 'kardhani'. The soiree was every bit fun and an opportunity gained to interact with some of the revered designers of our country.
Also worth mentioning is that a designer who makes that extra effort to gift personalized souvenirs to all her guests definitely gets brownie points from me. :)
Here are some of my favourite photographs of her newly unveiled design studio at the Ring road, Defence Colony, New Delhi.

What I spoke about, the 'kamdhani'

Check out more from the Varija Design studio here and if you are looking to hoard on the bridal finery, this might be a good place to start, even with the price point.

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  1. Her studio looks so pretty!!! And the clothes? OMG! Nothing short of a bridal heaven! :)

  2. I want to say it is such a nice collection of ethnic wear for women. Yes, A wedding is very important moment of our lives.



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