Sunday, October 6, 2013

Blueprint Coleccion-II

If you saw my article in the Blueprint e-magazine of this month here, then you are probably familiar with this bit of styling I endeavored with this lovely Blueprint Yellow Tale dress.
What I find most intriguing about this dress is the quilted yellow jacket which goes over a plain black cotton shift with the most interesting fold up sleeve details. Like you heard me say, an ideal dress for a day out picnicking in the woods. While I admit we aren't exactly lucky enough to pack our bags and wander off into the woods as and when we please, at least playing dress up can make us believe that. Styled with a comfy yet chic pair of brogues, a loose side braid and edgy accessories, this look has been styled for the adventurous fashionista in the woods. Of course, as I go from post to post, the make up skills acquire a certain finesse which I'm certain my readers would enjoy. The smokey eyes have been done with a combination of black, grey and blue eyeshadow colors (Naked Palette by Urban Decay+ Calvin Klein eye shadow). The dramatic glossy plum lips are the final touch, just the bit of Noir element in the look.

Yellow tale dress: Blueprint Coleccion
Hand chain bracelet: C/O Youshine
Earrings: Some boutique whose name I do not recollect (GK-I, M-block Market, Delhi)
Nude brogues: Zara
Plum lippy: Bodyshop



  1. Love. Ur eyes and of course u..

  2. U look lovely as usual. The eye color looks more concentrated in the inner corner. Grey and black are almost invisible. Any idea behind it?

  3. Beautiful as ever! Love the lip color :)


  4. ur dress n eyes...awesome <3

    my recent one :



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