Monday, October 14, 2013

Scarlet and Emerald

The winter is fast approaching and along with the smoggy silhouettes of the Diwali crackers appearing in the sky, we are ready to take baby steps towards what I call, 'bundling up'.
While I will never claim to be an expert at doing casual fashion with brilliance, blogging makes you adventurous when it comes to your sartorial choices. With the right pinterest inspirations and with just the right about amount of inspiration from the Man Repeller herself, I decided to partake in the fall fashion romance, casual style. It helps that I still decided to add a little bit of classic me in it via the multi-colored (dominated by shades of scarlet and emerald), paisley printed Kashmiri scarf sent over to me by the lovely folks at KCS Kashmir Shawl Emporium. Dilliwalas who love scarves and pieces of fine Kashmiri apparel as much as I do, head over to their store in Janpath. The rich variety of Pashminas will definitely not disappoint. :)
If there is one thing that I have learned about transforming day looks to night, a bright lipstick and some jewelry usually do the trick. My dennis crystal earrings from Outhouse are intricately ornamental and the right amount of bling for me to pull my hair back, even at night.
As the days become shorter and the nights become longer, the warm tones get exchanged for the cooler tones, the sparkling mojitos in mason jars are replaced by large mugs of hot chocolate. Make that extra large with marshmallows on the side.

Tee: Mango
Ripped skinnies: Diesel
Nude clutch: Aldo
Spiked pumps: Zara
Gold rings: Forever 21 and ASOS
Scarf: C/O KCS Kashmir Shawl Emporium
Earrings: Outhouse at Pernia's Pop-up shop

Love and wishes for all the festivities ahead of you.


  1. amazing shreya :) one of the best...

  2. Love the scarf and you looking so pretty :)

    Do visit my blog, hosting a giveaway.

    The Style Cocktail

  3. Loved it :)) the shawl ka print also is so nice :)

    1. Thank you sooo much! It's great to read comments from some of my oldest readers like you :) xx

  4. Lovely casual outfit. You made is classy, girl.

  5. U look the pics..

    my recent one :



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