Friday, October 18, 2013

Shopping at Youshine: A review

Having been a shopper at Youshine for about a year now, this post has long been due. The idea behind reviewing the services of some of the most popular online/offline retail outlets is to ensure that my readers make an informed choice. The idea also is to create awareness about the options in the market because as consumers we are entitled to the best quality and the best bargains.
My most favourite aspect of shopping at Youshine is the fact that they add new products every week. They have an interesting mix of new-age edgy styles and some old classics that never go out of fashion.  Their forte, in my opinion is the mixed bag of jewelry they do. Any trend that hits the market and a very affordable version of that is mostly available with them within a few weeks. A shopper has all the payment options of course, including cash on delivery. The delivery of your shopped items is made within the next 3-4 days and it has never exceeded that for me. What is also amazing and needs to definitely be mentioned here is the fact that never, in a year's time have I ever had to get in touch with customer care at Youshine concerning any delay, wrong item or loss of a package. That in my opinion definitely makes for a great shopping experience.
Will I continue to shop there? Yes.
Will I recommend it to others? A sure yes.
A sneak peek into my latest purchases from Youshine. Bauble bar. :)

Find them on Facebook and also find their stores in your city here.




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