Sunday, May 4, 2014

Faces behind The Mill

High Summer, a pop up event in the coolest locale in Delhi city, a campaign that has been creating waves all over the fashion circuit and what promises to be a crazy shopping extravaganza over the 16, 17 and 18 of May, 2014. What do all these things have in common? The two power houses behind The Mill who work tirelessly to ideate and create a pop up event and a clothing brand by the name of Uff and a soon to be launched e-commerce website that will retail all of Uff's clothing.
Meet Sayali Goyal and Armaan Kapur; friends, comrades, business partners at The Mill and a breed of super creative people in general. Sayali works in PR and moonlights as a fashion stylist. An ardent lover of textiles and also a jewellery enthusiast, she is also the brain behind Sayalidesigns. Having worn pieces of her jewellery in the past, safe to say that she has successfully translated her passion into a great venture.
Armaan is a graphic designer and photographer whose quirky clothing brand Uff for men and women will not just be decking the halls at the pop up event The Mill but will also be coming to your homes real soon via the channel of a website. His tales of travel are most entertaining and this erudite man manages to capture and create creatives for The Mill campaigns unimaginable. 

Together they bring to you high street, affordable yet spot-on trendy fashion in apparel and jewellery with their respective brands and many others at The Mill Event # 2. Head over to the link and read all about the event and make sure you are there, ready to soak in the 'high spirits' and shop your socks off.
And if you're plain lazy:

So for all you fashion and design enthusiasts keen on seeing the works of Sayali and Armaan in depth, you can access some of Sayali's work here ,some of Armaan's work here.

See you at The Mill: High Summer. I have been a part of their last two campaigns and am the official blogging associate for this pop up event. Hoping to see all the fun, fashion people from Delhi for the kick off, 16th evening.


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  1. Nice post and seems like a nice event :)
    Check out Sonam Kapoor to launch loreal Lumiere on my website



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