Sunday, May 18, 2014

The pineapple express

Sometimes summers mean unexpected layering. Every summer day cannot be about mundane vests and shorts. That added spunk, the toss of prints, the one huge crazy accessory, these are elements that make summer dressing more fun and adventurous. You might not want to venture out too far but there are easier ways to do it this summer. There were two primary heroes of this outfit, three if you may. The pineapple print of the tee. (Note how it is knotted at the side to give it the feel of a crop top layered on top of a midi dress). The second hero or the second lead of the outfit was the backpack. Prada did it first but with high street taking on the designer houses like nobody's business, backpacks are the new 'it' accessory this summer. It also helps that you can shove your entire world in one and still manage to keep it chic. Pineapple prints are the rage this Spring summer and remember, you saw it here first. From J. Crew blouses to Henry Holland apparel, everyone is doing funky pineapple prints this season. My pineapple print was monochrome which I decided to compensate with the crazy multi coloured embroidery (phulkari inspired) on my backpack and the hand crafted Fooljhadi earrings that I cannot get enough of. With all these elements of colour and prints coming together, the black crochet boots and the grey midi dress, serve as the perfect canvas for this painting to come together.

Pineapple printed tee: Forever 21
Grey midi dress: Forever 21
Backpack: Accessorize
Earrings: Fooljhadi from Nimai
Combat boots with crochet: Forever 21
Watch: C/O Skagen, Denmark
Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana
Rings: Quick brown fox (Australia), ASOS and Forever 21

Till the next post, keep it simple.


  1. Hi Shreya ... greetings from your latest follower. I love the simplicity and chicness of the outfit , a rare combination to pull up. Have been going through all your posts.


    1. Hi Subha,,
      thank you so much for taking the time out to appreciate my work. Welcome to FTLOFAOT.



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