Monday, December 8, 2014

Mash up

Delhi is finding it extremely hard to make up its mind. The second week of December is here and we are still not witnessing the level of cold that we are now accustomed to. I am unsure of whether thats a good thing. Mostly because I find it hard to pick pieces to create outfits appropriate for the weather. For this particular day, I found solace in creating a mash up that would put the nomads to shame. I picked this red collared vest with a zippered front from a little stall in a market. To me it stands for Indian fashion at its best. Colourful thread embroidery with a hint of mirror work. I decided to pair it with a black tulle midi skirt and my combat boots with crochet. It was delightful how the outfit almost seamlessly came together, even though spanning across different trends of the world. Its easy to create a mash up of all your favourite trends if you believe its something that complements your personal style.
This mash up is all about the bass, no treble. (Pear-shaped Indian women unite.)

Embroidered vest: Street find
Black tulle skirt: ASOS
Black booties: Forever 21
Matha patti and bangles: Assortment of designers and stores

Photography Courtesy: Riddhima Arora Behance or reach her on email at

Till the next time,


  1. Ooooh! Totally love the look! Specially the touch of those combat boots! <3

  2. Love what you are wearing and that matha patti is so beautiful!

    1. Thanks a lot Sukriti! :D
      Its from this jewellery make by the name of 'Soranam' :)

  3. U look stunning.. Love ur outfit

    Would u like a Follow for a Follow ??

  4. The entire ensemble is stunning, love it!

    I will be taking the #ootd2015challenge,
    would love it if you join in too.
    Give it a look:

    The Style Cocktail



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