Friday, December 12, 2014

Secret Santa FTLOFAOT X India Circus

The aromas of pumpkin lattes (okay, maybe toffee and hazelnut), the string of fairy lights now and then seen darted across localities, a tad bit of the murky fog and endless portions of some divine pie. I'm thinking Christmas is here and maybe it is time to kickstart secret santa on For the love of fashion and Other things. FTLOFAOT has partnered with India Circus to bring to you a game of Christmas that will light up your day, and possibly the season ahead. Simple rules and a chance to win yourself a set of these fabulous elephant bath coasters and also this artistic mirror prints glass mug. If the prizes have you excited then wait till you see what else you could buy yourself and your friends from India Circus this season.
Tell us which of these five goodies from India Circus would you want for yourself from Santa this Christmas and why, along with your email address in the comment section. The coolest two answers can win themselves the aforementioned coasters and mug. This contest is also open on my instagram.
All you need to do is leave your answers here or on instagram with your email id. Don't forget to follow us on instagram here and indiacircus here. Your entry will be considered invalid without the same.
So what is it going to be? 1. Owl howl shot glasses
4. Zig zag print shorts (Also a new addition to India Circus)

Get going. The contest is open for all Indian residents till the 20th of December, just in time for Christmas. :)

What really makes these great choices for Christmas shopping? 
The owl howl shot glasses with their adorably quirky print are just the right choice for that welcome drink for all your guests. Kickstarting your christmas party was never this easy.

I haven't met a person who did not enjoy a gift for his/her house. This Christmas, India Circus gives you the option to buy the coolest floor cushions in prints galore to buy your friends and family. I personally love this blue with the white bird print and would set up my bed with a pair of two.

They also have a wide variety of coasters with prints to suit your mood, fun, quirky, eclectic, classy, sophisticated, whatever works. A great party addition to your christmas carnival this year. And it also helps that it keeps your home furniture stain free. ;)

My hot favourite this month at India Circus is their range of hot pants and boxers for men and women. While I agree that the weather in Delhi currently doesn't allow these, I can't wait for summer to flaunt a toned body (yeah, sure, whatever) in these. A perfect gift for that friend who is perpetually on a holiday or likes his/her life by the beach.

Their mirror prints glass mug are my favourite. When I received mine from India Circus, I couldn't quite fathom whether I should use it for actually consuming liquids or use it as a little decoration holder. That applies to their wide range of mugs which you should definitely browse through for a pocket friendly, fun Christmas buy.

What are you buying from India Circus this Christmas?



  1. Hi FTLOFAOT! I'm so glad you've got this awesome give away around Christmas! What better way to bring in the season of joy than with gifts? I'd totally buy the blue chirping birds floor cushion. I love throwing parties and I have so many people over all the time that we always fall short of place! What better way to seat them than with a nice funky floor cushion?

  2. Hi,

    I would love that Mirror prints Glass Mug for the fact that it will bring the cheer of festivity and Holiday season which is almost upon us with it's bright and chic color and in a freezing cold Delhi weather, I 'd love to enjoy hot smirking coffee while I enjoy reading my favorite book in this pretty thing.!

    Email Address-

  3. Namashkar,

    I want to bid for mirror prints Glass Mug , I need it desperately because my mom always forgets to put sugar in my morning tea that spoils my day. I want to start my day with a tea in Mirror prints glass mug which looks very sweet.



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