Sunday, March 15, 2015

Smells like teen spirit

This one is to those '90s girls who grew up on a staple diet of hairy chested rockstars and bandanas to complement their long locks. My memories from my school time remain unmatched as far as my fixation with a new band everyday go. It probably began with God of Rock, Kurt Cobain of 'Nirvana' and it never really ended. It just went from 'Smells like teen spirit' to 'Man who sold the world' as time passed. The allure of a man who wrote best under the influence of love and other drugs is best known to us teenagers who were reeling under the effect of the tunes he belted out.
I don't think Linkin Park was any different. The only difference I would identify in this situation would be that Nirvana did not exactly jump onto the punk rock bandwagon and stuck to its classic rock roots. I would still forever remain indebted to Linkin Park for giving me 'Meteora' for it really put the 15 year old me's life in perspective. True Story.
Besides, credit where credit is due. Nirvana gave me my first real email address on MSN. Yes, it certainly does smell like teen spirit in here.
More about the post, my interpretation of the uber cool Blur Fashion Accessories remains that these accessories do not blindly keep up with the trends. A lot of these pieces give you a unique perspective on art, be it graphic or fun or just a splash of colour. Hop on to the website right here and shop to your heart's content.
The second collaboration and news I have for you is my modelling and collection stint with Miss Flurrty. More about it soon but till then, hop on to their website for fun, flirty jewellery for all tastes alike.

Issey Miyake might have created the Bao Bao bag, but I'm more than thrilled with my Blur baby. Also find them on Facebook.

Crop top: ASOS
Denim high waisted joggers: Forever 21
Oxford platforms: C/O Clarks
Bag: C/O Blur store
Watch: C/O Daniel Wellington
Gold bracelet and earrings: C/O Miss Flurrty

Photography Courtesy: Riddhima Arora Behance or reach her on email at

Till the next time,


  1. You look fab..loved the clicks <3

  2. Love, love, LOVE the outfit - right from the crop top to the denim joggers to those cool androgynous Oxfords!!! <3

  3. The Bao Bao bag definitely adds the edgy to the outfit! Love it.

    from Lazygulrox



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