Saturday, October 24, 2015

Chaos meets order

Wild and weary, the human soul is not meant to be caged. In its original form, it is free from the shackles of confusion. It does not believe in attachment. Nor does it believe in animosity. It roams the world free, till the day it encounters the unconquered. The woes and the worries begin an unparalleled dance off with the mind. And therein lies the feat. A mind that can vanquish a thousand strikes from the negative is stronger than a mind that does not even attempt.
Allegorical to Alice in Wonderland, we find that the mind drifts off to a mythical corner every time it is encountered by the unknown. The mind is a strange place. We begin to seek comfort in every little nook from the known when placed in this modern day dilemma. The modern day Jabberwocky poses a threat to the free willed mind as we know it. The exaggerated sense of self importance or paranoia as it is more commonly known begins to infiltrate the labyrinth that is the human mind. 
FTLOFAOT in collaboration with Raju Raman Photography with N Barr Make up and hair puts forth this mini editorial where Raju creates magic behind the lens and with this woodland set created by him. Neilly uses her magic brushes to do justice to each look in terms of make up and hair. Styling and modelled by, yours truly. Full credits below.

Photography and set by: Raju Raman Photography Find him on instagram.
Make up and hair by: N Barr Makeup. Find her on instagram.
Styled and modelled by: Shreya Kalra



  1. Oh. My. God. This is hands down one of your best posts till date!! <3
    The set, the look, the make-up, the expressions, the shots, the lighting, the frames - everything is so, SO perfect! Kudos to the whole team!!

    1. Thanks a lot Anu! :) I'm so glad you enjoyed all our efforts! MUCH MUCH LOVE! <3

  2. It was hard to pick a favorite in these! You look great & fabulous team effort!

    1. Thanks a lot Gurpreet! I'm glad the entire team's work came through! :D <3



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