Monday, October 5, 2015


We are what we seek from the world. We are a sum total of our journeys and experiences. We are what we project. And analogously, we are also defined by the sartorial choices we make. There is a lot of subtext to what Miranda Priestly tells Andy Sachs in Devil Wears Prada, if you really think about it. She tells her that the 'cerulean' blue lumpy sweater that she wears is actually not exempting her from the fashion industry, au contraire the sweater was chosen for her by the billion dollar fashion industry after it trickled down from the cerulean blue gowns that Oscar de la Renta did for the runway. The subtext that we tend to not see is that every choice we make represents more than just our conscious decision to wear something. 
This label made me think on this tangent and to sit and really wonder why we choose to wear what we do. CORD designs represents a journey that traverses the spheres of the old and the new. On the venn diagram, CORD is the common area between the vintage and the modern. The art of design as discovered and the new modern technology that is working with it in tandem. The reason I feel a strong connect with the ideologies of CORD is because it is a thinking woman/man's label. Each bag handcrafted with the finest leather tells a tale of modern day aesthetics combined with the minimal craft of the past. It lends you a perspective that is not yours and yet entirely customised to match your story. 
The constellation backpack that you see me carry here is a modern day representation of the starry-eyed girl. For all the dream picking and wool gathering, this backpack shall see me through it all. 
Find the splendid range of bags from CORD on their page here and on Instagram.

Top: C/O Stalk Buy Love
Jeans: Guess
Sneakers: Adidas Super star
Arm party: Forever 21

Photography by: Saumya Gupta. Find her on Behance.


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  1. Nice hair and cool sneakers :)
    Maria V.



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