Thursday, December 3, 2015

FTLOFAOTx Label Ritu Kumar

The oft-abused word 'bohemian' really gets my goat. It is probably the fact that in this day and age most people with a half baked sense of what bohemian really means have ironically attached a cliche image to bohemian style. I decided to dig into the etymological roots of the word bohemian so as to lend a certain sense of clarity to this widely used adjective in the world of fashion. 'Bohemian' simply means  a socially unconventional lifestyle. A non-confirmist outlook. An eccentric throw on things. A hippie (dating back to the 19th century). A literary or artistic person who chooses to move to the subculture of impoverished living and free love, primarily. While the birth of this class of people might have been in the continent of Europe (Bohemia to be precise), this movement with a  strong French undertone took over the world in no time. So where does one look for authentic, unadulterated bohemian style inspiration? In a century close to our own, the biggest proponents of this particular type of personal style would have to be Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. Of course, feel free to go through the works of Van Gogh to study how he immortalized the ironic (and iconic) bohemian stereotype. For bibliophiles like myself, a few works by Jack Kerouack would not hurt since he is irrefutably understood as the 'pioneer of the beat generation'.
After having laid a strong literary foundation to what is I assume now, a fair understanding of bohemian fashion, safe to say that Label Ritu Kumar plays on its alternate, bohemian side this Autumn Winter with its collection. What I particularly enjoyed with putting together this thoroughly bohemian look would have to be the fact that each separate could be paired with the other seamlessly, despite having a barrage of prints and patchwork. The waistcoat that I teamed up with this asymmetric hemmed dress complements its shades and hues without overpowering it with its cute mustard flower motifs.


Dress, waistcoat and bag: Label Ritu Kumar
Accessories (Nath and the cuffs): Suhani Pittie available at NIMAI in Shahpur Jat, Delhi
Boots: Forever 21

Photography by: Saumya Gupta and Shiva Kant Vyas for The Open Art Project

This video sums up everything that this collection draws from; Indian feminine embroidery and masculine geometric prints:



  1. Gorgeous! That waist coat is too cool.
    I also love how you took the time to explain the actual origin and true meaning of bohemia and the fact that its not just some let's throw on a wrap over a white crochet dress and attend Coachella with brown boots kind of thing :-p


  2. Beautiful Photos. You truly represented the bohemian style.



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