Thursday, March 10, 2016

Celebrating women, everyday with OLA

The last time I let loose a few pearls of wisdom on feminism and body acceptance on my blog, the 'Nari Shakti' of the country let me know about how I was misleading the women of the country by showing off my bralette. Does that deter me from being back here today to talk about a continuous celebration of Women's Day? No. If anything, it makes me stronger. For every hater, I had a woman having my back. For every woman who pulls the other down, there is another hunching low just to give you a piggyback up to success. Before we exclaim to the world that we would like to be looked on with more respect and deserve the egalitarian treatment we know we do, let's take a moment to be that piggyback ride to appreciation and success for every woman we know. I decided to talk about one such hero from the bevy of our everyday unsung heroes because there is never a bad time to that. When I first spoke to Mahalakshmi Anand about her job as female taxi driver with Ola (yes, you heard that right), there was nothing to suggest that, that particular conversation will lend my life and ambitions such a great perspective by the end of it. Mahalakshmi has been with Ola for about a year and her grit, determination and general bonhomie are infectious. With nothing to suggest otherwise, I talk to Mahalakshmi about how her family felt about her job and what kind of a life it was that she led as a part of the troupe of mainly male drivers at Ola in the city of Bangalore. "I have received unending support from my kids and husband", she told me beaming with pride. If in the Indian sub continent of today, a woman feels like she can chase her dreams and be who she wants to be, even it is something as uncommon and usually associated with the indelible physical strength of a man, like being a taxi driver, we must be doing something right. And let us not even forget our favourite Aunt Technology, which enables Ola to empower women like Mahalakshmi. I would be just as excited as her if I was going to own the car after driving it for employment and a good quality of life on an EMI scheme after four years. Mahalakshmi makes the cynical me believe that with the job of your dreams, you always find a way to make the work life balance work in your favour. Unfailingly giving her the security and the career that she desires, Ola makes the Mahalakshmis of India find the courage to take a plunge into what their heart desires, not what the society deems fit. 
When I think about this interaction, it is then that my heart chooses to believe that one day there will exist no International Women's day. That one day, my writing will not strive to bring out contrasts between the will of the being and the will of the society. 

I ask Mahalakshmi if there is any message that she would like me to pass on to my readers and she asks me to ask every woman out there to stop merely dreaming and press that accelerator on those dreams. Because they will continue to be those dreams you dream when you sleep at night and will be gone when you are up the next morning if you don't believe in yourself. Her vehemence and conviction are infectious. I already feel that with yet another piece on the importance of empowering every woman we know, I have checked yet another dream off my list.


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  1. Amazing.. women like Mahalakshmi are an asset to our society.



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