Saturday, March 5, 2016

Summer is coming-II

I never saw a summer bloom I didn't like. After a pristine white on white look with p é r o  clothing in Part Un of the blog post on the  onset of Summers, I'm back with a series of photos that will create a montage of colours, dips, dyes, threads and beads in your head. This particular dress with it's heavily embroidered bodice is what is intrinsically reminiscent of every colourful summer from my childhood. It makes me think of ripe peaches, apple blossoms and rose bushes. It take me back to a time when climate change was not an issue hovering over our summer frolic. The sun shone and the ice caps were not melting. It jogs my memory to those light summer showers that symbolised the coming off age of the nectarines and the sweeter than honey dew, mangoes. I think of all the time I spent lolling around in my lush green lawn in my childhood house and spending endless hours in the pursuit of colouring within the lines in my colouring books. The  colours and the honest to goodness feel of the cotton is sure to take you back in time. 

Dress: p é r o  
Sneakers: Stradivarius

The beautiful photography and edits courtesy of the very talented Nayantara Parikh.

Flowers make everything sweeter. The feeling forlorn. The happiness untouched. The longing unending. The peace unseen. The loss indecorous.


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