Thursday, April 21, 2016

A midnight summer romance

Somewhere down the line I became the person who took immense amount of pride in styling and writing that struck a chord. As opposed to styling to look pretty, of course. Or accompanying writing for that matter that made me appear like the perpetual optimist who was perfect in almost every sense. I am not constantly happy. I have really bad hair days too. I hurt in love. I open myself up to embarrassment. I make serious mistakes. I feel like throwing in the towel and fleeing on some days. I make spelling errors (Imagine that). I don't always behave in the manner deemed most fit. I enjoy a good cry. I fall almost everytime I start walking. I drop things all the time. I enjoy looking fifteen shades darker than my original skin tone (the heart wants what the heart wants). I do not always follow fashion forecasts. I think about what it would be like if we all just opened up our hearts and made space for ourselves before we let others in.
I conceptualised this look thinking about the dark, vengeful yet sometimes glamorously portrayed side to all of us. I look for ways to always put out a slice of me on the blog. I decided that this was the season and the summer for all things dark and fifty one shades of grey (points for originality? ). We shot this in a seedy yet a quintessentially Delhi lane which was about 50 mts wide. It made sense, since the idea was to explore the underbelly of human emotions and my city, I reckon.

The idea of this dark summer and romancing it in this (un)desirable way came to me after a lot of thinking and surfing the web and one of my go to apps for all fashion inspiration is Wooplr. I try and do a lot of sneaky outfits specially for Wooplr since I tend to get very inspired by the youthful fashion that is always on display there. So for more of my looks and other inspirational fashion looks from girls all over the world, head over to their app.

Photography and the mad edits by: Jagrati Marwaha

White waistcoat: Chemistry
Charcoal colored skirt with large pocket details: COS
Grey velvet choker: Dirrty Glam
Shoes: Charles & Keith
Tan pouch: The Design Collective



  1. You get better with every post Shreya! I really do mean it!

  2. very cool photos!

    xoxo Sienna



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