Sunday, April 10, 2016

Art meets fashion

Is it ever really too late to understand the history and to dig a little into the art scene of a particular country? On my multiple trips to Singapore, I could never really manage a trip to the National Art Gallery of Singapore. Sure, some might call that leaning towards the nerdy side but I really cannot think of a single reason to not explore one of the most stunning structures in Singapore. The erstwhile City Hall and Supreme Court of Singapore (now the Art Gallery), is architecturally a modern wonder. The moment I lay my eyes on the clean white arches and the modern bits of furnishing touches, I knew I had made the right decision by turning up in my brand new sequinned wonder by 3.1 Phillip Lim. Some still wonder if you can ever do sequins in the day but let me tell you, no amount of gawking could undo the joy of seeing the sequin splattered shadows on the clean minimal yet modern walls and surfaces of the Art Gallery. Besides the cultural richness of the structure itself, we spent an awful lot of time soaking in some of best pieces of art curated by the Gallery both pre colonial and post colonial in Singapore. Artists that worked with ancient Chinese methods of painting and those who decided to move over to the modern side and work with oil and other such mediums were some of the things that intrigued me. This is a story I've put together to show you a little bit of everything: my outfit (a crash course on how to wear (and enjoy the jaws dropping) sequins to an Art Gallery), the magnificent structure, the presentation of the art in the Gallery itself and the skyline which is the added bonus from the top floor of the gallery). Keep the feedback coming in. More travel and fashion stories to follow soon.

White camisole: Keepsake the label
Gold sequinned skirt: 3.1 Phillip Lim
Sneakers: Stradivarius
Neverfull tote bag: Louis Vuitton
Beige leather choker: Dirty Glam

Would love to hear your thoughts on my stories about art, travel and fashion coming together. Feedback makes us all work better.



  1. Beautiful Pictures... and love the outfit... Dazzling yet simplistic...
    And why would it be nerdy to visit a museum... they speak a lot about who we are...

    1. Thanks a lot Aparna! :) And glad you think its not that nerdy, I'm assuming you're a gallery and museum buff yourself :D xx



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