Friday, April 29, 2016

The Mr Voonik experience

I have always been somewhat of a hyperactive shopper. I'm not going to begin an interesting piece by quoting Carrie and saying 'shopping is my cardio' (I did it, didn't I), but safe to say the only exercise I get on some days is all that energy utilised in tearing up online shopping parcels like a rabid animal. 
I am not sure how I feel about the practice of heading to stores and boutiques to shop becoming nearly defunct what with the advent of online shopping for everything. But this much I do know, I thoroughly enjoy the practice of sitting on my bed with a snack and lazily adding things to my cart that I might or might not buy. 
When Voonik was launched in 2013, from then to now it has apparently docked in 9 million registered users and 7 million downloads. But I was never a numbers kind of girl (unless we are talking Hugh Grant's phone number but hey, that is a topic for another day). I would rather talk to you about how Voonik stocks every plausible label under the sun and truly lives up to its name of being a fashion market place. I was amazed to see everything from Chennai Silks to Chumbak available on the website and you really have to sit up and ask yourself if the trip to the mall is really worth your time.
That aside, this one is for the boys. The male counterpart called Mr Voonik is now here and definitely here to stay. I love shopping for the boyfriend ( now my fiancĂ© ) and I almost took it upon myself like a social experiment to browse this website and give you a little bit of live coverage of everything about it that you need to know along with successfully shopping for the boy. 

  • User friendly interface. If I could find my way around for everything, it must be fantastic. I tend to be technologically challenged on many occasions.
  • It covers almost everything you can dream of buying for yourself or the men in your life; carefully divided under categories of top, bottom, sleepwear, accessories, grooming etc.
  • Once again, I found myself in a labyrinth of more than 1000 brands which just left me spoilt for choice.
  • Easy to shop according to the style preference. Take the style quiz and find yourself faced with options best suited for you.
  • Saving the best for the last and definitely the most interesting. By connecting directly to the manufacturers, you are paying the right price across all categories. How many websites today that we regularly shop from can actually boast of selling the product to you with no additional cost.

Mister will be made to read this and consequently appreciate my little Mr Voonik haul for him. Gotta love this selfless, unconditional sort of love, right?


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