Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Gillette Venus Breeze: my experience

There are two parts to this really interesting story I am going to tell you. In Part Un, we talk about the launch of Gillette Venus Breeze, how revolutionary it is as a hair removal product and my favourite bit: myths it claims to bust about shaving. Of course, this is done in style with celebrated names that will definitely make you sit up and take notice.
In Part Deux, I actually take you through my experience and review of using Gillette Venus Breeze and how it fairs on all the bones that the masses have been picking with shaving and the multitude of razors available in the market.

A glitzy yet warm affair, the launch of the Gillette Venus Breeze was nothing short of perfect. Actress Kalki Koechlin, Celebrity Makeup artist Namrata Soni and Celebrity dermatologist Dr. Rashmi Shetty hosted a very interactive session with the audience on what they believed were the myths about shaving and how in their experience with shaving, that has not been the case. Dr Shetty brought in a lot of technical know-how about skin and it's reactions to shaving, Namrata Soni obviously dealt with beauty and healthy skin and Kalki's anecdotes about shaving and how it had eased sticky situations as a filmstar were as informative as they were hilarious. 

I will take a moment to rehash all the myths that we discussed over the session with the trio and debunk them over my experience with Gillette Venus Breeze.
1. Shaving darkens the skin or causes pigmentation: While I have heard that one too, turns out it is completely untrue. If anything, I have come to realise that shaving helps exfoliate the skin by removing the top dead layer which automatically means that your skin looks brighter and clearer. As someone who is on the go almost every day of the month, shaving has definitely made my life and travel easier.

2. Shaving causes the skin to become flaky and dry: This could not have been more untrue especially since the foray of Breeze into the market. Breeze comes with in-built moisture bars and body butters that include Olive, Avocado, Kokum along with glycerin to ensure that exactly that is avoided. I used the razor after a patch of moisturization on my skin and my skin felt soft and hairless immediately after. 

3. Shaving causes a lot of cuts and bruises: This myth while partially true at some point of time does not hold true for the Gillette Venus Breeze at all. The Gillette Venus Breeze has a special grip for your forefinger and the body of the blade and the strips is rounded so as to be able to reach all the curves of the female form without causing any cuts. Honestly, I've received my fair share of shaving cuts in the past but Breeze actually did not give me any. 

Another interesting fact about the Breeze that got me really excited was that as soon as the moisture bars are over, you know it's time to change the blade. As simple as that. And at a price of Rs. 299 (INR) with the two-blade pack at Rs. 350 (INR), I would not be thinking too much before replenishing my shaving stock.

I would be happy to answer any question you may have about the Gillette Venus Breeze that I possibly can, in my experience with the product, right here. So get going. 


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