Friday, May 26, 2017

Reimagining effortless with Anuj Bhutani

I've observed Anuj Bhutani's garments ever since he debuted at Lakme. They struck a chord with me from the word go, simply because effortlessness always does. And it never goes out of style either. From the construct of the garments to the use of the Indian textiles, there is hardly an aspect of design where Anuj goes overboard. What is the idea behind effortless anyway? In my humble opinion, effortlessness comes from an idea of self-sufficiency. The idea is to create a garment that conveys an absolute thought by itself. Self accessorising if you may. For me effortlessness goes hand in hand with minimalism, in the modern sense and that is exactly what Anuj's label delivers. Fine cotton, linen, jute, khadi, I've seen him tap into a vast repository of fabrics that the Indian subcontinent has to offer, and the finest ones at that. And mind you, the garments make optimal use of the same. Take the simple Kimono wrap jacket for instance. I honestly cannot explain how much the design resounds with my personal style. Could I wear a tee shirt inside and ace my layering game? Sure. Could I keep it a little mysterious and sexy with nothing inside? Hell yes. I decided to style them with co-ordinated pieces but the fashion police ain't coming for you if you pair them with a different style of pants.

Tenzin's eye for frames and compositions took the concept of clean and free up another notch. The colours complement the tones and textures create a contrast with the textures of the fabric that just seem to bring the look together. What in my opinion was exceptional about bringing forth an editorial with these three looks was that while we tapped into a very neutral, earthy palette, there is an element of idiosyncrasy in each look which makes them all relatable to different people with different styles or the same person with all these elements of personal style (case in point: me). 

Check out more of Anuj's fabulous line of clothing on instagram and Facebook.
Also check out Tenzin's diverse work in photography here on instagram.


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