Tuesday, August 22, 2017

One dress: two ways

Not everyday does one lay out a five dress change programme for oneself to get through a completely choc-a-bloc day. Not at all points of time do we realistically also have a new dress for every occasion ready to be changed into. So the frugal bit of me (which is an instinct found me in quite rarely), decided to use my ninja styling technique to HIIIIIIIYAAAAAA my way into a completely new look with the addition and subtraction of a few pieces. This summer for me is all about whites and eyelet details. I love cottons and linens and if they come in a cool anti-fit, bonus points. This little baby comes with a ribbon detail around the neck which goes through *surprise surprise* large metallic eyelets. I had been eyeing these Giuseppe Zanotti silver mules for as long as I can remember and almost nothing shook that love for me until I put them on. Cause then the love just grew manifold. They could turn almost any outfit into a show stopper and those heels tick all the right boxes for me. I decided to create one look with a tulle skirt worn underneath the dress because you know, layering is my jam. This I paired with my new Adidas Originals NMDs. If I had to take that look to town, I would just slyly yank that skirt off from under the dress, quietly sitting at a table (which is what I did, even though I think I did attract a fair amount of attention stripping in public like this) and add those Zanotti mules. I did my patent slick pony and added these large ass pearl stud earrings to finish off that look. I love how ideas like this help you reuse almost all your clothes, helping your resolve to shop less (do not even pretend that you have never made one) and use all your existing clothes in different permutation combinations. That to me is timeless fashion. Staying true to your aesthetics while still having fun with fresh ideas.
Tell me how you do that?

Photography by: Saumya and Shiva of The Open Art Project


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