Saturday, August 12, 2017

Repeat offender: style edition

How many times have you shied away from wearing something knowing that you might get pictures taken that day that will make it to instagram and a photo of you in that particular outfit exists on the internet? I used to be that person. I still am at times, to be honest. And realistically, the pressure kind of quadruples manifold if you are a fashion blogger. But between trying to strike a balance between sponsored posts and personal style of my own( I wrote about it here), how many outfits per month can I actually be buying (and storage, how do people not think of that) to be seen in a set of different clothes everyday? I love the idea of 'do it for the 'gram' as much as the next millennial (kidding, I couldn't be a millennial even if I tried). But I don't think burning holes the size of Jupiter in my pocket every month is something I would want to do for the 'gram. And hence I decided to learn to restyle my clothes. Repurpose if you may. And the social responsibility of being able to teach my followers the same is high too so I really just had to (phew). I'm here going to attempt to list a few of my favourite ways to repurpose your clothes with illustrations to match. Okay, this isn't as scientific as I'm making it sound. So what are you waiting for? Open that already bursting at its seams cupboard and let's try a few of these tricks.
  • I love this newly discovered idea of knotting my tees at the waist. So easy to basically turn any old/new tee in a cropped tee or crop top if you like. While chopping it off is a little too permanent for me, I can totally live with trying this to add a little pizazz to my classic breton tee.
  • Classic straight leg pants. I refuse to get rid of even my old ones when it comes to these classics. If you have been around here for a while you know how much I love my trousers. Straight leg, palazzos, wide leg pants, cropped etc. So the key to making them look different every time is in how you pair them. If you usually pair them with long tunics or shirts or cool tees, try something sexy the next time. Like a sleeveless turtleneck and strappy heels. Cage/stripper heels if that floats your boat. You get the drift. Watch the pants acquire a complete facelift.
  • Layering. It is the answer to almost all of your wardrobe woes. This is my secret to Emergency dressing too. If I feel like I have worn a dress too many times as it is, I throw on a jacket on top. Or add a tee shirt underneath. Or a scarf like a cowl neck. Easiest to do this with classic elements of your wardrobe like denim shirts and white tees. I also added a bunch of necklaces here to completely disguise the 'seen-a-billion-times' element of this look.
  • This one is my favourite. The white shirt. I know it sounds too obvious but it really is the answer to so many of my repeat offender woes. Apart from pairing it with the classics. Pair a statement pair of pants or a statement making skirt like mine( with the lace tie ups on the side) with a solid coloured shirt. White for me simply because it is my favourite. It makes nearly any look clean and yet so different. So you could be repeating the white shirt a 50 billionth time but it will still manage to look so different paired with cooler, trendier pieces. Of course, shoes always cinch the look for me. 

Photography by: Saumya and Shiva of The Open Art Project




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