Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Bangles from the Past

The chudi bazaar near Ghantaghar, Jodhpur in India. Its gorgeous, to say the least.
Whats colourful, glassy and clinks a lot?
For all of you still struggling to answer this..Bangles. Why I decided to suddenly go from accessories from the runways to accessories even making the rounds on the streets of India? I think the answer lies within the question. I decided that as a fashion blogger, I'm not going to go the safe way and talk about the universally approved runway accessories alone. The reason why I decided to write about these gorgeous pieces of glass (at least originally) was because I personally, find them extremely fashionable. There is no dearth of instances of how bangles have evolved from the plain, glass accessories sold all across the country to big, chunky daring pieces of metal or wood for that matter. Bangles, for me stand as the ultimate symbol of femininity. There is a reason the gorgeous nine yards of sartorial beauty-the Saree was always accompanied by these. From the torch bearers of ultra femininity in bollywood to J-Lo, Drew Barry More, Madonna and the likes! The charm of these glazed, shiny and undeniably noisy pieces has not alluded a soul.
My take? Wear it with whatever you like. Yes, you heard it. I personally find it extremely stylish to team up a monochrome tee shirt or tunic with bangles of a contrasting color on my daring days. And you can also add that bit of spunk by adding a bright dupatta with a tee to pick you up on those down days :)
Of course, for those wanting to play it safe, I have good news for you too :) Bangles are now available in westernized avatars and are a hit all over the world with women. If you're a sucker for designers and would want to still try on these glitzy thingys, here's something to make you happy :)
Bangles from LV. The object of my desire.

I also happen to have a fetish for a lot of bling and what better way to wear a bangle than the classy Hyderabadi bangle with all the glittering stones way! Luckily for me, I have friends who get me those vintage bangles from Hyderabad often :) I would be only halfway with my fashion rants if I didn't tell you that there is a Forever 21 version of these glamorous Hyderabadi bangles available for those of you who are brand loyalists :) Take a look.
The stunning studded Hyderabadi bangles.

Forever 21. Forever Gorgeous.

 P.S: Ideas to make the bangles look trendier? I would love to hear from you :)


  1. Good work For the Love of Fashion and Other Things! Yet another good piece! very relate able again. I like how you've made what an Indian lady would wear as a part of her daily attire a style statement. And also how it can be incorporated in a Western outfit to up the style quotient! Way to go! Keep surprising us with more such simple yet stylish tips! :)

  2. I like the bangels.


  3. Very impressive girl :)
    I love the "spunk" in your writing style.
    As for bangles & me, we go a long way; I am a big, big, big fan of the classic, plain kaanch ki chudiyan, chandni style :) :)!!! !!! And you know where I used to find the best ones like that? A guy used to come with a cart outside my "house" and I always used to buy it from him....**nostalgia**

  4. @Ankita: I will keep the style tips coming in ;) Keep the feedback rolling in.
    @Sweety Di: I know! I can't forget how obsessed you were with bangles :) I can understand why you relate to the post so much ;)

  5. i dnt noe bout d LV bangles....nice work shreya...:)

  6. Enjoyed reading it!Especially About bangles!!
    I am really looking forward to read more n soon!!
    Good work indeed :)

  7. I love your writing style, really confident and witty. And so cool that you've mixed pictures of bangles from a market stall in India with Louis Vuitton's luxe take on the trend. X


  8. @Shalini: Thanks so much :) I hope you shall follow the blog and give in more feedback :)

    @Ella: I'm so flattered :)I hope you appreciate the newer posts as much and please keep the feedback rolling in :)

  9. I love your writing!!!
    Your writing about bangles has definitely changed my thoughts for bangles :-)
    Looking forward for more of your writing for the love of fashion and other things!!!

  10. @Nikita: You should buy lots of bangles when you come to India and sell them in UK :) Very lucrative business :D

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