Sunday, August 29, 2010

Introduction of Sorts

Hi there.
There are things aplenty in life which one feels passionately about. It could be something as whimsical as cupcakes or something as academic as Human Rights. So while I break the ice with all my readers here, let me put forth in the very beginning what this venture(as I would like to put it) is going to be all about. If you think this is another of the myriad of fashion blogs doing the rounds on the internet which cater only to those with moolah unlimited or one of the kinds which streamline fashion to the high end brands catering to the Queen herself or the other sorts which indulge in fashion policing of our're in for a surprise :)
The psychic of my blog is a reflection of what fashion means to me and what I find fashion or style in. Its not about Pret-a-porter or haute couture alone. Its not about the accessories which Lanvin comes up with one season  alone. Its not about looking at Karl Lagerfeld's latest collection from the point of view of the front row fashion journalist alone. It is about all this and much more. The much more is the personal element of my blog. I find fashion everywhere. There is an element of fashion I see even today when I look at classic Bollywood and Hollywood movies from the eras gone by. Be it the gorgeous aquamarine shades of chiffon sarees with the minimal accessories look or the minimalist chic look the women sported in the American cinema. There is a strong sense of fashion I find on the streets. And I do not just talk of the women parading down 5th Avenue with a Berkin on their arm or the women on Oxford Street clad in their Burberry Prorsum trenches. Of course, I would be lying if I said that that did not account for the aggregate fashion quotient of a country but being an Indian there is a very deep set of fashion that I derive from the streets of India. I will make an honest effort to update this blog with as many pictures as possible with write ups about everything that fashion encompasses, within India, all over the world, our favourite styles, our inspirations, write ups on fashion designers, photogrpahers, make up artists or whatever you may please and the best part, my own easy-on-your-pocket replication of whats on the runways :)
Who am I? Just a girl who loves fashion and all such.
P.S: I would love to hear from you. About my blog and about what you think of a certain post or any such. I will leave you with this very sweet note. My adoration for cupcakes. Yes, those stylish things you see Carrie and the others gorge on in Sex and The City.!/group.php?gid=53057613475  To soak your senses in the world's best cupcakes :)



  1. AHA! Well kiddo, the premise holds a lot of promise, it seems like a deeper way of looking at a subject which is notoriously shallow. Do please follow through with this on a regular basis cause something like fashion requires a more human touch, it needs to be relatable to a layman who doesnt have the luxury of a trust fund! I cant think of a person more suited for this exercise than you and trust me i will be looking forward to the next post. Dont lose your whimsical nature either, thats one of your unique traits as a writer! Now let the words and pictures flow!

  2. I can't think of a person who is more apt than you are for a subject like this.I love whatever I have seen so far and I can't wait to see more...I have great expectations from this blog and I know that they will all be met and exceeded :)

  3. For the love of fashion and other things! This is one of the nicest introductions I have read to what looks like a very promising blog! And I'm very happy to see that this isn't one of those everyday blogs you see, where fashion is everything with a big price tag! And I like how its more relate able because its also from a not so designer wear oriented perspective! So proud of you! :)

  4. Well.. I am reading your writing for the first time... and indeed I am impressed.. awesome style!!
    you have one dedicated follower here for sure :)
    looking forward to your future posts...

  5. hey ,, a long awaited 1 frm ur side,,, superb intro ,, go ahead ,, gonna folow truely ,, n appretiate to its fullest..!!

  6. There was once a time when fashion was meant to inspire a sort of a fabric revolution among the masses. Recently though, it's been heading in completely the opposite direction. Fashion that can not be emulated, followed, and observed by people is not fashion, its eccentricity. Its a delight to see you lend a human touch to the world of satin and chiffon. After all, once you look beyond the knots and threads, you do find yourself staring at a pound of flesh.

  7. Superrr intro Shreya!! :):) I agree with Ankita that this isn't a blog which just makes you go, Awwwww i want this but maybe next month! ;) Leaves the reader with a smile and wanting for more. Good job.
    PS: I love cupcakes. Yummmyy... :D :D i'm guessing you've tried the ones at spoonful of sugar at Indira Nagar if not then I suggest you help your taste buds asap. Also try the mud pie there. :D

  8. Shreya, your blog comes as a breath of fresh air! Thank you for giving such a dimension to it, and making it so much more believable & livable! It tells a story of not just the rich & famous but about each one of us who live & beathe fashion! This piece of writing is sure to make every woman wink at herself in the mirror & feel every bit stylish!!

  9. @Anurag Chaudhury: Thanks so much! I will try and keep up the spirit of fashion that you think I stand for and I hope to get in a lot of pictures with my amateur photography :)
    @Lubna: I will definitely try and come up to your expectations and I promise to make every post as exciting for all of us women as possible :)
    @Ankita: Thanks so much :) I'm glad I can lend another perspective to the very subjective fashion.
    @Vani: Thanks :) Follow me and I shall not disappoint you :)
    @Shefali: I couldn't agree with you more on the cupcakes and their Mississippi mud pie is the best in town :) I'm glad I've got you hooked :)
    @Sonal (Di: Coming from you, I'm so flattered considering you've been my style icon for the most part of my life and I will continue to look up to you for inspiration for this blog :)

  10. @Swati: Thank you so much! :)I appreciate the positive feedback! :)

  11. Woah!!! This is a blog or a brochure for brilliant fashion accessories!! I have no words.. Awesome styling.. Awesome Info.. what accessories.. mindblowing..All I have to say is.. keep this going.. It looks more than what people say FRESH.. and i guarantee you..I will always keep a lookout on this Blog everytime someone needs new stuff!! Way to GO! :D

  12. @Udit: Thanks so much Udit :) I hope I can come up to your expectations and help you make good choices for gifts and the likes :) Keep the feedback coming in!

  13. Yummy pics ^^

  14. LOVE the cupcakes !!! :)



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