Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hair-tistic Desires

Hair band with rosettes from Sports Girl
Hair band with over sized flower
A Chanel hair comb *Sigh*
There is a confession I have to make. No, I’m serious. Ok, here goes. I think I have substantially spent more money this season (which includes my Australia tour) on hair accessories than I have on any other kind. What brought it about? No, not the fashion police dictating that since Marc Jacobs used a lot of hair accessories in his collections Spring 2010, I had to incorporate it in my style too. At least not that alone. :) 
So this year did see the resurgence of hair accessories. And they are big or what, no pun intended. Big rosettes, Victorian net hair clips, over-sized barrettes with rhinestones, ropy hair bands with nets and not to forget the big bows are sure to up the glamour quotient of anything you might wear. The influence of this season’s biggest trend has been seen all over, from the opulent Upper East Siders like Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl to the Indian translation on the silver screen of Aisha. The big, satin bows, the crystal encrusted hair bands are sure to give those locks a lift on a bad hair day. And this is truly out of practice. :) 
Gone are the days when the use of headbands was to shield your eyes from the bangs of the ‘50s and ‘60s. The head bands, universally come from the Burlesque style and jazz age. Feathered hair clips, Victorian net veils and the likes. Bollywood obviously was not far behind and the ‘70s saw the biggies like Asha Parekh wear bright neon colored hair bands to spruce up the colorful kurti and churidar look. Back in time to the present, I find it an appropriate moment to induct Lady Gaga’s fashion sense into my write ups. I make no qualms about the fact that I have immense respect for her edgy fashion, not to mention I thoroughly enjoy her music. So for all those with that gothic-bordering on-rebellious streak in them, its not entirely a bad idea to try some of her whacky ideas a la the soda cans for rollers. :)
Lady Gaga and her big bow
The same look for Rs.500.
With the famous soda cans on her Australia tour

And for those of you environmentally inclined, I have some good news. A very popular store by the name of People Tree located in Connaught Place, N. Delhi has come up with up eco-friendly hairbands of recycled fabric available at the price of Rs. 50 onwards. Their products are not only environment friendly, they are also extremely chic and I say that because I happen to have picked wallets from a boutique called Cre Art in Pondicherry which also stocks their products. 
Bejeweled hair clip from Allanah Hill. I drooled in her boutique, Yes.
Bejeweled hair clip I picked from Witchery, for not so much :)

Stone encrusted hair band from Mimco
Stone encrusted hair band from Forever New, easier on the pocket


  1. Beautiful pictures! And I love the write up! Its very you and yet very very everyone! I think everyone will follow it! :)

  2. I love the way you've put together your innate sense of fashion with your flair with words. Loved what you've written and looking forward to your next one.

  3. @Ankita: Thanks so much :) Lets hope everyone follows it :)
    @Ma'am: I hope I can come up to your expectations :) And about the innate sense of fashion, coming from you..very flattering :)

  4. You make me wanna do my hair with those pretty things. And you make me wanna read your write again and again. I think your vivacious self is superbly portrayed in these commentaries. Keep it up you Diva. =)

  5. @Chahana: You have to definitely try some of these styles. I promise 100% success :D Follow the blog for more such writing Chah :)

  6. Lil' sis: You have cited a fair few Aussies brands here, maybe you should put that in a bracket with the websites???!!!???
    Just an idea so that your readers get a better idea and understanding of the fashion & styles that you talk about; not to forget the fact that Aussie fashion style is very very unique - who knows your blog might lead these brands into becoming global???? :)
    Not that you don't know already :)

  7. @Sweety Di: I absolutely agree with you. Will keep that in mind the next time around :) Please keep the feedback coming in, I really really appreciate it! :)

  8. I have always loved hair accessories and I have fallen in love with them all over again after reading your blog :)

  9. I have totally fallen in for your writing and those beautiful hair accessories!!!
    After reading this i feel like buying more and more of hair accessories.
    Gal I just adore the way you put together the mode of fashion with your writing!!!
    Can't wait to read the next one!

  10. @Nikita: Thanks Nikita :D I hope you buy me some too ;)



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