Monday, June 13, 2011

C is for Cookie

Om Nom Nom Nom is the mantra of my life and I tend to say 'meeeeeeeeeee likes coooooooookieeeeeeeeee' very often to just about anybody when I feel like it. If you still haven't figured, I am a Cookie Monster( Read: Sesame Street) junkie! As much as I like Bert, Ernie, Elmo, Kermit and the others..there is no one quite like Cookie Monster. C is for Cookieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :)
So while I had been hunting down for the perfect Cookie monster tee, the search wasn't quite yielding desired results. I found one at Zara which on a trial actually looked really sloppy (and my friend would vouch for it!) and was automatically dropped. I have always been a serious fan of graphic cartoon tees. You would remember my Disney escapade here and so it should not come as a surprise of sorts when I tell you the amount of energy that went into looking for the perfect Coooooooooooookie' Monsterrrrrr tee!
But like they say, some people have the slickest ways of bringing a smile on your face and when I found my Cookie Monster tee in a pile of goodies, needless to say I went slightly COOOOOOOOOOOKIE :D
After this very cookilicious story, see below for my 'evening-out-with-friends' version of what I would like to call the Cookie Monster Outfit :D
Cookie Monster Tee!
Shorts: Esprit
Quilted bag with flower/pearl detailing: Forever New
Leopard printed peep toes: *Some shoe store* in Chandigarh
Watch with big colorful dial: United Colors of Benetton

Also, for those of you who appreciated my hair do from the previous post, stay tuned for the hair do tutorial, its coming up reallllllllllll soon along with many others. *Having long hair automatically makes you the lab rat for all experiments* But I'm not complaining ;)


  1. speaking of hair, i must say your hair looks so awesome in this post. So shiny and silky! maybe do a post on regular hair routine shreya..!!
    Adorable shirt :D

  2. loved d look..d shorts r awesome !

  3. C is also for CUTE, which you are :)

  4. I love the look :D Casual and chic :D You have a great sense of style :D

  5. hehe the cookie monster shirt is sooooo adorable!
    love it!! im def following you now :)

    please check out my blog?


  6. haha.. this post is too cute! And the pics too hot! :) Love the tee :)

  7. Hahaha that shirt is too cute! My sister loves Elmo! =)

  8. The tee is so cute!! Love the whole laid back yet chic outfit :)

  9. Aah! This outfit screams casual chic!!! Love the touch of the animal print on the feet! :)

  10. Its a great casual-hit-the-pub-next-door look :D
    Where is my tee? Any colour would do ;)
    Keep writing!! xx

  11. im actually obsessed with cookie monster - since im such a little cookie monster myself - too cute xx

  12. I just had the best oatmeal cookies the other day! Loving your cookie monster shirt :)

  13. I loved d outfit !! cookie monster is really cutee : )

  14. Thanks everybody! :D You'll made my day with such affable comments! :) We're all cookie monsters in our own little ways :P
    @ClassyandFabulous: You're too kind ;) the hair isn't all that great :D But I shall do a post or two, just for you!:) XX

  15. Those shorts are to die for!!! They're perfect for the season!!!

  16. I love the shirt and the bag!

  17. I know Im commenting on an old old post. Usually Im just simply lazyyyy to comment but I loved thisss outfit so just had to let you know =)



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