Friday, June 10, 2011

Hairdo for the GNO

For all my readers who are wondering what a GNO is, it is my acronym for a Girls' Night Out :) Those who saw the preview of this post here or who have been regular readers know that I have a fetish for acronyms, even slightly weird sounding ones. Gyaan 101: There is no greater pick-me-up in the middle of the week, than a good time with your favourite girls. And the favourite part of these GNOs is always the play dress-up bit. You know you're going to go insane with the cameras, so it never hurts to go an extra mile and put in that effort to dress up extra nice.
The timing of this GNO could not have been better since my BFF had been itching to try this hairdo on my long hair(YES, its long now :D) for a long while. (Long while: Last 2 classes at Uni is long enough)
I have officially roped her in to do my 'fancy' hair dos from now onwards and you'll should look forward to detailed guest posts from her for the tutorials. For her very acclaimed hairdo, check here.
It was also a good time because this new ruffled blouse I picked on my latest travails in the city of dreams was dying to go for a little whirl.
Off-white Ruffled blouse with cut-work: God Made Me Funky (Bombay)
Floral printed skirt: Picked by sister(Australia)
Red belt: Picked by sister (Australia)
Red gladiator heels: Local shoe boutique
Nude satchel: ASOS (This is not going away for a while :P )
Charm bracelet: Accessorize
Bow necklace: Forever 21
The bracelet is my current favourite primarily because of its most ME-customised charms :) There is a studded 'S', there is a heart, there is a nude satchel (Yes, beat that! :P) and there is a huge cuppy cake! :)

Watch out for the hairdo tutorials, ladies :) In case you like it, of course :D
In another news, go shop at LUSH please and bring a gorgeous little sapling home and celebrate World Environment Day( a little late but thats not the point, right :) ) I shall review my LUSH goodie soon and show you pictures of my sapling too :)


  1. Love the outfit and the hair! You look great :)


  2. I absolutely love the look :) You have teamed up the look very well. And you look absolutely gorgeous! :D I love the bracelet (I bet it was just lying in Accessorize for you ) and the hair do looks really nice on you :D

  3. loved everythg incdlg d hairdo :)

  4. Gorgeous look, darling!
    Love that top!


  5. Seriously love your hairdo. Must show us a tutorial. Love the blouse too :)

  6. love that top and some hair tutorials would be great!!

  7. Pretty blouse, smart skirt, cute bracelet & drool-worthy bag - what else do you need for a perfect outfit??? Sigh!

    P.S.: The hairdo is just awesome! Waiting for the tutorial! :)

  8. love that bag!! and the hair is looking awesome! :)

  9. Your hair looks beautiful, great outfit!

  10. Nice look! Especially the floral print skirt.. Very D&G Spring 2010.. WERK!

    All the best, Angel

  11. nice and complex hairdo :) :)
    I just chopped my hair can only admire others! not that I ever had enough hair for this hairdo..
    btw, i have been following you ever since I joined blogging..It will really be nice if you followed back too..

  12. i love d hair do..n d lip color z suiting u lady :)

  13. your hair looks great like this!!

  14. ♥ That skirt is so fab! And love the bag! Wow!

    ♥ ♥

  15. your hair looks great! :)

  16. I love the hair do! You bff has done a lovely job!


  17. Wow! Wonderful! Ravishing!
    Absolutely fantastic!

  18. Shreya, I love the look. can't get enough of the bracelet! Have been wanting to get one for long :)

  19. love this post. you look amazing. and yes, i can't revisit lush. adore. thanks for another amazing post love. swing by to see pics of Hollywood's most celebrity filled neighborhood. xoxo

    Don't forget to follow on twitter for all the latest celebrity fashion news from an LA stylist.!/fashboulevard

  20. Thanks so much all :) The Tutorial is on its way, BFF been busy :D Will offer you some other interesting posts till then :)
    @Vanity: Thank you so muchhhhhhh! :) You have no idea how reluctant I have been to try the red lips :D
    @Prarthna: This bracelet's from Accessorize UK babe, you could however try the Indian ones too, I'm sure you'll find something similar :)

  21. that bag is delicious! I want, no I NEED it in my life!!! Great post X



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