Monday, August 29, 2011

Hyderabad- the last chapter

I am going to miss Hyderabad sorely. No, I haven't lived there forever. Or lived there for a stretch of more than a weekend but there are just some places in this world which form an instant connect. And those are the places you love visiting, hail or sun. Those are the places which you associate with happy memories. And the land of the Nawabs, the delish kebabs, the bangle bazar, the cupcake bakery we love so much, that favourite grilled food restaurant, those shoe stores I love shopping at, will always remain a favourite.
If it wasn't a sentimental enough ode to this gorgeous city, I promise I shall be back soon. Can't say when but whenever time permits. :)
Till then, enjoy the pictures from a slightly nippy, yet a happy, cheerful day in Hyderabad.
White shirt: Benetton
Light blue skinnys: Diesel
Floral cropped cardigan: Forever New
Nude envelope clutch: Aldo
Golden bauble: Aldo
Turquoise cuff: Accessorize
Pearl ring: Sports Girl, Purple ring: Republic of Chic's blog store (CURRENT OBSESSION :) )
Oxfords: Shoe boutique, Bangalore
Favourite elements of this outfit: Messy fishtail braid (Done by BFF), Round Metal sunglasses (John Lennon-esque), Shiny bauble on the braid (Sister's pick from Venice :) )

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  1. Love how you wore it! You should upload a pic on our page, I would love that! :)

  2. you looking super cute in this :)

  3. btw did u have paradise ka biryani ? I am sure u did..thats the best there..

  4. you look so lovely with so many things going on!

  5. Looking good! I love Hyd (obviously 'coz i live here!)!
    But the one city that i really miss living in is b'lore.. especially for the weather..

  6. i really like your choice of accessories..its so want some ;)

  7. You look great here !!! Love the idea of wearing a cropped top over the shirt. Hyderabad is where my boy stays so i visit often. hyderababd House Biryani..mmm

  8. @Bhumika: I don't like biryani a lot but we did go there :D
    @Thegirlatfirstavenue: I actually found Hyderabad's weather quite like Bangalore's :) At least this time of the year :)
    @Mehak: I love Hyderabad House too :D
    Thanks guys! :) <3 XX

  9. @Ruhi: I posted one on my page :D I'll post one on yours too :)

  10. For the Love of Fashion and Other Things: I love how you've worn your outfit and accessorized it :D The colours are beautiful and very well put together :D Love the hair do too :)
    Tell us more about Hyderabad ;)

  11. Love the envelope clutch!

  12. if you ever lose that clutch u know where to find it... i may have stolen it :p
    Love the hair !!

  13. The cardigan is so pretty! & your hairstyle is fabulous :)

  14. That cropped cardi is soooooooo pertty!!! <3

    I've my eyes on Ruhi's rings too!! ;)

  15. Ringa-Ringa good!! i love the pearly thing thats on your hand.



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