Saturday, August 13, 2011

Indians love a good reason to celebrate

A very Happy Rakshabandhan to all my Indian readers :) For all the international ones, its a brother-sister festivity and its obviously got a lot of history attached to it. To cut the long story short, its a day when siblings pamper each other with fancy lunches, pretty pressies and lots of good wishes ( that's my definition, at least :D)
I'm lucky enough to have my first cousin in my city and I loveeee our day together and doing all those fun things that I just mentioned above :)
I am usually very kicked about the whole affair and I kick start the preparations and all that jazz a couple of days before. Getting my outfit together, jewelery to go with it, shoes and most importantly the mehendi (henna application) on the palms :) For all you guys who follow me here, you probably saw what my mehendi looked like before it dried up and now for unveiling the big, fat Indian celebration outfit and the mehendi :)

Some tips to make your mehendi color set better. And these are tried and tested! :)
  • You will know the usual lemon and sugar deal. Apply it at least twice when the mehendi is on.
  • Rub a lot of vicks vaporub on your palms post scraping off the dried mehendi. Its my most workable tip ever! The color rises for atleast 24 hours so you can keep re-applying it within 24 hours.
  • The vapours of cloves help a lot. The idea is to create a lot of heat so it helps to warm your hands over the vapours and the clove acts like a catalyst.
  • Mustard oil can also be rubbed on your palms as an alternative to these.
On another note, when life gives you lemons..squeeze them. Think about it :)


  1. For the Love of Fashion and Other Things: I love the outfit :) Its like a kaleidoscope of colors :D The bangles are soo pretty :) Where did you get them from? Get me some too :D

    And very pretty mehendi.

  2. Loved the kurti...... loved loved and loved it!!!
    I want something bloo now!!! and the bangles!

    my maasi iused to apply amrutanjan balm too after removing mehendi- even that helps- I guess anything that increases body temperature in that area might help!!!!

  3. Very bright and cheerful!! And cute shoes!!

  4. Beautiful outfit n Mehendi..u look like a star!
    Love from Sydney,

  5. Such a cute kurta you have on!!! Happy Rakshbandhan to you too!!! :)

    P.S.: That mehendi's looking lovely on your hands! :))

  6. Love the colours on your suit. It's really pretty!

  7. your mehendi looks great! my brother and i celebrated yesterday :)

  8. @Ankita: Thank you :D They're from Hyderabad :)
    @Eve-o-lution: Thank you :) Yes, balms usually help coz they create body heat :D
    @BeignFab: Thanks so much :)
    @Kalyani: Awwww! Your comments always brighten my day! :) Thank you sooo much!
    @Polka Princess: thank youuuu! :)hope you had fun!
    @Gauri, Imsu: Thanks a lot guys :D
    @Zarna: Thank you :) Hope you had fun Zarna! :)
    @Whengeekmetchic: Thanks :) Its from Haute Curry :)
    @Tanya: Thankssss so much Tanya! :)

  9. Love all your pictures--so colorful. I hope you'll swing by Momtrends and share this post on our Monday Mingle fashion linky:

  10. I am so drawn towards this outfit. I love love love indigo colour and it looks FAB on you. You look really pretty. I like the details on the kurta and also the fact that how you have teamed it with these accessories without making the look overwhelming.
    I must add those earings are a classic addition..
    Love the look :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I am glad you liked my post. Please do visit me again :)

  11. Awww sooo adorable! Lovr thr dress!

  12. awesome outfit and accessories!!! and, yeah, the vicks vaporub works best for me too :)



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