Monday, August 8, 2011

A Postcard from Hyderabad

The Land of Nizams has a lot to offer. From the the greatly influenced architecture that you see in the monuments like Char Minar or other minarets to the absolutely scrumptious biryani and kebabs. Not wanting to sound like an advertisement for Incredible India, I will still tell you that I'm in love with the city. Before this weekend, I went to Hyderabad as a child and apart from some memories of the Salarjung Museum, plucking imlis (Tamarind) off the trees in my aunt's sprawling lawns and some crazy torrential rains, I do not remember much. So this time around, I decided to play tourist again. The following pictures are from the Ladh Bazar next to the Char Minar, which is popular for its gorgeous Hyderabadi bangles and other assorted jewelery. When you enter these shops you actually might want to wear blinders to save yourself from buying the entire shop!The shiny, blinding colorful stone encrusted bangles and also the metallic ones with enamel work in beautiful colors, call out to you. You can't help but give them a home! :)

The fab 'jhumkas'

P.S: The pictures have been clicked with a phone camera and might not be of the desired quality but what the hell! :) This Travel and Living-esque series on Hyderabad will continue and I shall share with you some more postcards :)
Tee: Tommy Hilfiger
Black lace waistcoat: Vero Moda
Silver coin necklace: Gifted by sister (Venice)
Black bag: Guess
Please do not judge my expressions. There is a myriad of mental expressions and if I wanted to increase my reader base I shouldn't have shared them here but I thought you deserve to know me better! :D
Hope you'll had a good weekend :)


  1. Very nice snaps! I actually think these candid expressions look a lot sweeter than posed ones :-) And those bangles are sooo pretty!!

  2. infact i loved ur expessions d most! n those jhumkaas ♥♥♥

  3. dos bangles r soo going der too dis week..m surely gonna be blinded..I soo love bangles !!

  4. Hyderabad is a beautiful city......Char Minar, Meena Bazar, Paradise's biriyani, Hussain Sagar can go on exploring & enjoying! :)

  5. Oooh, those Jhumkas! LOL
    And It's a pity that I can hardly wear bangles :( My hands are HUGE.

  6. nice post , i like the colorful of that bangles :)

  7. Hyderabad and it has to be lac bangles and pearls...
    Happy Shopping...
    Smokey Eyes with Lakme

  8. I am loving the last snap. You look gorgeously simple. The Jhumkas are awesomeeeeeeeeee

  9. wow, are these all bangles? what a fabulous collection, and they're all so sparkly. lovely!

  10. I loved those jhumkas!! So pretty :)
    I like the candid you..and those lovely expressions!! Blogging is about shouldn't be made a SHOOT out of a fashion magazine!!

  11. great bangles!


  12. That last photo of you is great! Love the scenery in the background too!

  13. Thank you guys! :)
    Also for appreciating the retarded expressions! :P TEEHEE! :)

  14. I love Hyderabad! Its an entirely different story that I live here! :) Glad you liked it!



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