Sunday, May 12, 2013

A feisty summer

It’s a feisty summer when you decide to not sit coddled up at home, waiting for the sun to set before you step out. I considered that option. But then I came to the conclusion, that by that logic, I would waste more than 70% of the season, which is almost half a year, doing nothing outside. Believe me, I did the math. So putting aside the tan worries, armed with a bottle of water and some sun screen, I have decided summers are going to be about fun in the sun. And of course I do not mean, dehydrate yourself or develop blisters by camping out in the sun. But on a personal note, the holiday that I thought twice about undertaking in the fear of a sun tan or travel in the sun, is going to happen. The travelling shall continue and so shall the escapades in the sun.
On that note, a key trend this season as the last one, is print on print and this post shall key you in on how to do it with ease. Simple rule: Let one print be dominant. The tee with the thin stripes paired with the bold alligator print is an example.
The shoes were sent across by the gorgeous model turned artist Priyanka G. of Zubiya. The most interesting bit about these shoes is that they are hand painted by her. And if comfortable shoes with adorable prints is what you seek, order your pairs now. She also does customized designs for whatever you seek to imprint on your shoes. Entrepreneurial women are definitely taking the Indian fashion scene by a storm. 

Striped tee: Portmans (Australia)
Alligator print pants with studs on the pockets: Zara
White ballet flats with swarovski peace motif: C/O Zubiya
Jute clutch in coral: Aldo
Statement necklace in orange and red: C/O Youshine
Pyramid ring: Some accessory store (Australia)

Till the next post,


  1. Gorgeous you..i loveee your content and you pretty face<3

  2. Love the look! And the pants look great on you :)

    - Sayali

  3. Love the look! The pants look great on you :)

    - Sayali

  4. hey! i flying to australia next week on a would be great if u could fill me in on some good places to shop for clothes and accessories..thanks a ton :)

  5. look the outfit..u look fab ;) BTW i ' m flying to australia next would be great if you could guide me abt some good places to shop for clothes and accessories :)

  6. I love the shoes! :D And the pop coloured chunky neck piece! What's a summer without some tang, eh? Love the ensemble! :D Enjoy!

  7. I love those pants...there is something so stylish and elegant about you..maybe its ur sweet smile..

  8. Great styling as usual Shreya! You are great at making the simplest things look so elegant:-) Loved the flats and the neckpiece!!

  9. Aaah! I want a pair of cool printed pants SO badly this season!!!
    And your accessories are always SO awesome! :))

  10. How cute are those peach ballerinas!
    Adorbs <3

    Much Love,
    Modish And Muse

  11. Whoa! Its really difficult to carry off the print and cut of that trousers and you do it with ease! Gorgeous! Love the pairing with super sized goggles & envelope clutch! :)
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