Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Elle experience

It is definitely a feat for a brand when you walk into their store only to be surprised by the leap of faith that they have taken. The Elle Fashion wear bloggers meet definitely made me see the brand in a new light and I also had the opportunity of sharing my opinions with the designer behind the new line. Their latest collection, Mid-day in Paris is definitely a shade different (no pun intended) from what I have seen Elle do in the past. They have soaked in the summer, played with interesting sorbet colors and some interesting summer prints. The denim trend also appears big in the latest collection where they introduced denim dresses, waistcoats and other such, basically keeping it simple and chic. Definitely a way to kick start the season.
The meet saw us interacting with the Elle girls to learn more about the collection and also other bloggers. With a make up artist and hair stylist to assist you, the Elle fashion wear bloggers meet took the concept of playing dress up and made Elle cover girls of us all. Pretty cool, right?
I made the Elle cover!
In discussion with the designer. 

Till the next post,


  1. I also LOVED their sorbet shades & denim collection - fresh & chic! And you make a pretty cover-girl for sure!!! ;)

  2. I love their collection. Isn't it gorgeous. That dress you are wearing is a favourite along with their blazers :D

    You look stunning!


  3. Looking so pretty Shreya, and I love the dress you picked, screams summer :)

  4. u luk damn pretty!! :) btw which cut u r having in elle poster?



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