Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Good day Sunshine

I have been doing some thinking about how and why traveling has now acquired this fad status. I should not be the one to question it considering I am one of those whose traveling instincts have gotten sharper only in the last few years. But it is a genuine love more than a fad for me. It has to do with my love for meeting new people, understanding their backgrounds, their culture, the foundation of a country/city and observe the path of evolution it goes down.
Back from Dubai, I am bubbling with stories about the city and its culture. Famously called the Land of Superlatives, Dubai is obscenely rich. The city is larger than life and so grand that you could stare at the beautiful twinkling skyline all day long (if you were not trotting in the gigantic malls that is). The first revelation came to me in the form of the fact that Dubai is definitely not 'cheap' for shopping. I am not sure of that definition more than the fact that converting the price to INR made me realize that there is little or no difference in the prices. The upside to shopping in Dubai, however, is the myriad of options available. From the cutest little stores with the trendiest finds to the standard chain of stores from across the world that are still to hit the Indian market, I raided it all. The best mall which covers all the stores from the smallest to the biggest designer name would have to be The Dubai Mall. So if you are on a short time bound trip, The Dubai Mall should cover all your shopping options. There is not much of 'street shopping' so to speak, so your buys would have to be limited to the malls. For souvenir shopping its best to hit the streets of course. 
After that little shopping themed post which I hope gave you a little insight here are the photographs from the day I felt like Good day sunshine. (Beatles)

Blouse with neon printed birds: Street find (Delhi)
Pleated maxi skirt in dirty lemon: ASOS
spiked sandals in white and gold: Shoe store (Melbourne)
Bubble necklace in silver and neons: Accessory store (Sydney)
Tan sling and gold bracelet with blue skulls: gifted

Till the next post,


  1. This is such a summer happy look. BTW I love the necklace, sandals and bracelet. Looks like you had a great time in Dubai.
    ❤ Amena.
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  2. Gorgeous skirt! <3

  3. And this is the birdy top we spoke about. ^.^

  4. Just found your blog love with your casual yet chic look in pastel shades..<3
    Inspire Inspire :) xoxo



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