Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mixology with Pangaea New Delhi

I have always been inclined towards nocturnal life. Yes, the word play was intentional although strictly for the purposes of my blog and this post, I refer to the night life that this country has to offer. I have seen the Cindrella-esque 11 o' clock deadline in the Bangalore night life and I have seen the other variety where the party starts at 11 in the city of Delhi. Whatever the situation has been, I have always been up and about to explore a new night club or a bar for an occasional drink or two. As a woman living in urban India I do have a lot of bones to pick with the city police as far as the safety concerns go but I shall leave that angry rant for another day. More to the point, this was my first time at the Pangaea New Delhi for the bloggers' brunch and my first impression is definitely one that will drive me to go there another time. Done up tastefully with large paintings and bright chandeliers, its everything you expect from a nightclub. We witnessed their accomplished bartenders whip up some fun, easy peezy cocktails but my favourite part has to be the hands-on mixology class where I obviously spent most of my time behind the bar whipping up this interesting concoction of soda water, lime and cumen seeds and a mean-ass cosmopolitan (Ok maybe I went overboard with the sugar syrup). A stand up comic act later, I definitely knew I had learned a lot about making simple, fun cocktails and mocktails at home and how to pull a dozen funny faces. (Courtesy: the stand up comedian)For all the dilliwallahs, Pangaea is a must visit for their interesting selection of liquor and their groovy music (Mostly retro and classics for the bloggers lunch, who's complaining). For the schedules of their gigs and all their updates, hop on to their Facebook page and find them on instagram at: @pangaeanewdelhi.

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