Friday, June 27, 2014

The paradox of dressing up

It often strikes me as extraordinary, the paradox that comes along with the phrase 'dressing up'. Especially, given the context dressing up has been placed in, in this day and age. Where dressing up is mostly dressing down, keeping it clean, minimal chic and the other unending list of synonyms fashion bloggers use in their common parlance to describe effortless looks. Its a paradox that we have found ourselves completely intertwined in and at some levels, I am enjoying blurring the lines between dressing up and dressing down.
When I look at inspirations such as Jamie Beck of Ann Street Studio, I realise fashion editorials can be so much more than beautiful locales. And more often than not, Ann Street Studio does a beautiful version of minimalist photography on the blog and it still manages to capture the essence of inspiring fashion from across the world. Currently obsessed with the Cuyana campaign shot in Bali. The lethal combination of lush greenery, waterfalls and the simplicity of the clothing is enrapturing.
Now that I have disclosed that part of my brain that houses these fashion visuals, let me share the outfit that got me thinking about this paradox. I couldn't have epitomised this paradox anymore, even if I tried.

White peplum Top: New Look, Dubai
Blue distressed cut outs: Forever 21
Tan gladiators: Forever 21
Aztec printed summer jacket with neon trims: Street find, GK-1, M Block Market (Delhi)
Layered Necklaces: Shorter (Australia), Longer (Street pick, Khan Market, Delhi)
Hand harness: C/O Youshine
Tote with sweet lime print: C/O Uff Shop at The Mill
Sunglasses: C/O American Swan

These sunglasses are my newly added babies to the ever increasing collection. Maybe I should share all my favourites one day. These ones are from American Swan and till now, I have had a pleasurable experience wearing them everyday. Easy on the pocket too, so there is always that option of diversifying your collection. This shape is perfect for thinner face structures like mine.



  1. Thanks for the link to Ann Street Studio. Great visuals there! :)

    And about your outfit... I think it is really the shorts that bring about your paradox :) For me they dress you down while the rest of the outfit qualifies for dressing you up..! And that necklace from Khan Market is beyond gorgeous. My eyes were fixated on it all along... Plus Shreya I have to compliment your impeccable top knot..!


    Swati @ The Creative Bent

  2. OMG! U look stunning..flawless

  3. Can you mention the face makeup you did in this post?



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