Sunday, June 22, 2014

Slick as a fox

With some things in life, you just know. It is much like love at first sight. The first time you see a movie trailer and just know it is going to blow your mind. The first time I saw green and blue reflectors on pinterest and I knew I had to have them. It was difficult to pick the colour. Much like picking between your two children but eventually I knew that the green was the colour after my heart. Then came along this maxi dress from Shopnineteen's new collection called Moonstruck which seemed to want to really get it on with my sunnies. I could not describe it better even if I tried. I just knew they belonged together. At least I came around long enough to get this interesting paint stroke print maxi dress with a thigh high slit. Its sexy and summery at the same time. I love the black full sleeved bodysuit top and the flowy silhouette from the torso. I would save these for the days when I step out in the evenings this summer. Given its black colour, its not ideal for the scorching summer heat. Shopnineteen definitely has a lot to offer and their Moonstruck collection is fun, easy peezy to style and supremely light on your pocket. Like I always say, if I don't have something to add to your shopping list, I would rather stay shut. ;)

Maxi Dress: C/O Shopnineteen
Green reflectors: Ray Ban
Earrings: Suhani Pittie
Block heels: Forever 21
Portfolio clutch in leopard print: ASOS

Photography Courtesy: Riddhima Arora Behance or reach her on email at




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